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I want to play WWF on my laptop and my friend has a Kindle. Can we do that?

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She has invited me to play but I can't find it.  When I login in the they request my credit card info it alerts me that the card has already been used.  I tried my other one and the same response occured.  What to do?
asked 6 years ago by Momeek Word Rookie (120 points)

2 Answers

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Yes you can and it shouldn't ask for credit card info.


Go to http://www.wordswithfriends.com/ and click the facebook link.


Ask her for her username to match her.
answered 6 years ago by brisdaz Word Enthusiast (790 points)
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WWF is only an app and so you need a FB account to play on your laptop. Or you can play on iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android device.
answered 6 years ago by mom2boys3girls Word Freak (3,910 points)

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