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Any chance of updating the Winners' Hall of Fame?

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Last Monthly inductee was in early 2013. From memory, the Kid won back to back at some point, making him the "winningest" (how American is that, LOL!) monthly champ...but is it merely a rumour :-)?
asked 5 years ago in Results by CCThommo Word Veteran (1,030 points)
Where is this Winner's Hall of Fame you type of?
http://wordswithfriends.net/?page_id=1874 Is this it which hasn't been updated since early 2013?

1 Answer

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Yes, we will work on bringing the list up to date. Thank you for bringing to our attention.
answered 5 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,160 points)
Champions' Halls of Fame - requires updating :-)

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