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My tourney is not allowing me to sign in to record a score.

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asked 5 years ago by Luck4433 Word Rookie (160 points)

1 Answer

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I am having the same problem.  I cannot log in to MyTourney to update my scores and stay active in the tournament.  This is a problem I am hoping admin can address quickly.  

I put in my correct login and password, but keep getting sent back to the MyTourney login page.  It happens from my iPhone and my computer.  I am also getting this error message:  Couldn't execute SELECT * FROM networdswithfriends.M2014_02"

I have even tried changing my password, but this is not working, either.

answered 5 years ago by NEURAL STASIS Word Enthusiast (540 points)
The same thing happened to me and a lot of other players after an iPhone update. What worked for a lot of people is to login using a different browser. I use Google Chrome.

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