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How do deadlines work with monthly tournament?

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RE: February monthly tournament.

I am somewhat new to the monthly tournament. My opponent did not play very quickly so the clock ran out on our games. I was leading both games (288 to 160 with 20 tiles left and 86 to 18 with 72 tiles left) and I put a reminder in chat to her about the deadline. We were in very different timezones (Australia/Eastern U.S.) so I tried to be very patient with my opponent, but I was asleep when the deadline passed.

Am I knocked out of the monthly tournament now?

asked 6 years ago in Monthly by Glazerface Word Rookie (270 points)

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Rule 2 states: 

  1. POST OR YOU’RE TOAST – If neither player is reported as the winner by the posted deadline, then both players are instantly eliminated. There is no excuse for failing to report a winner on time. Even if the games remain incomplete, one player must log in and post a winner in order to prevent automatic double elimination. Obviously, it is best if both players agree, in advance, as to the criteria (e.g., highest scorer, current leader, faster player) for determining which player should advance in the incomplete round.

The first Round in the Monthly is four days long and the remaining Rounds are 3 days. You must post prior to the end of the Round. There is a countdown timer on the home page.

I have recorded your results and moved you into Round 2. Please log in at My Tourney and click Play to retrieve your opponent.

answered 6 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)

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