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Cindya reported the wrong scored in round 17

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After I started round 17 CindyA never played. She did not repond to messages through WWF or through this website. She had posted a scored of over 400 points for her and less than 400 for me. I changed them to 0 for both of us (although it was actually 11 for me and 0 for her). After I did that it said "FINAL OUTCOME: You lost Rond 17; Cindya won due to no-show". I don't see how Cindya could have won since she was the one who no-showed. I don't know how to do a screen shot of our game to show that it is incomplete. (I have a Windows phone, so if you know a way please let me know how to do a screen shot.) Anyway, I'd like for this game to be eliminated from the results since it never really happened.
asked 6 years ago in Disputes by carolew99 Word Veteran (1,170 points)

1 Answer

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Results have been corrected.
answered 6 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)

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