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Vanrpe is a trouble maker

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Vanrpe is my round 28 opponent. They were very gracious with my sporadic play due to my help during my sister's move. Day 29 was a busy day too, but I did play every hour except once where I was gone like 2 hours. I came back to an accusation that I entered score higher than our game score and took the win. That is a lie. Firstly, if I did then I ALWAYS leave a comment if I enter score. It is possible I entered scores from another game by mistake, but since there is no comment then I doubt it. I believe if you read the history of comments for March then you will see that there is a similar pattern. I did not enter a score and didn't quit playing for more than 1 day (not even close). UPDATE: Things have gotten heated in our chat discussion. Is there somewhere I can send pictures too? Tonight when the round is over I am going to enter the win if he does not play since it is been 20 hours since my last play and more senses. He is still refusing to play. I'm looking at his history of comments just this month it appears he's had negative experiences with other people too I spoke with my opponent Scrabblemond and he said his experience with negative too. I did curse at him, but after many times of being lied about. For that I am sorry, but I deserve the win and will be taking it if he doesn't play again. If you look at my history you will see that I have never had this issue before, but I suspect Vanrpe has had many negative experiences that may have gone unnoticed or unreported.
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Comments noted.
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