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So many cheaters nowadays. I'm atta here!

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I know it's impossible to stop cheating but it's so obvious and it gets worse every month.  People come up with 70 point words using all their letters in 60 seconds. Come on..
asked 6 years ago in Disputes by BenTrovato91 Word Rookie (200 points)

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Please send us an email at admin@wordswithfriends.net with the name(s) of the player(s) you feel are "cheating" and the reasons you feel that. We will have our Independent Review Board look at it.
answered 6 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)
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There are people with cracking good vocabularies, especially people that have played SCRABBLE for years, or indeed at a high level in local, state or national competitions.  When such players roll into WWF -- a recent phenomenon, driven by mobile computing -- their years of prior experience and learning is often mistaken for cheating by those that are less experienced ( and some that should know better!)

I posted a transcript of an interview with the latest Australian Scrabble champion, and on national TV, the hosts -- jokingly -- said he must be cheating when asked to play a friendly game.

Check out the transcript on the homepage :-)
answered 6 years ago by CCThommo Word Veteran (1,030 points)
Honestly CCHommo, wake up! I've played in a few Scrabble tournaments myself and have done very well.  The point is, people who say "Hi, good lck, daly gme" and then pop out bingo after bingo each time within SECONDS after a turn.  Then they combine 3 and 4 words for 50+ points, again, SECONDS after I play a turn.  That's cheating.  If you've played enough tournaments you would be able to spot cheaters.  Download the EZ Cheatz or whatever it's called application and you will see how people do it.  I'm not saying everyone cheats, I'm saying there's enough cheaters that this is no longer enjoyable.  Posting links from a Scrabble champion only shows how naive you are to reality.
The fact I disagree with you does not mean you need to refer to me as naive. Sounds as though you've been unlucky, but apparently that's sufficient reason to whine and run away. I wish you well and success in the greener pastures you seek, and that your interest in the game is rekindled. I suspect you'll likely express the same sentiment elsewhere, which is fine too.
CC, I have played you several times before and you are one of the many I have identified as a cheater.  Ben is correct.  There is NO WAY an opponent can make a 7 letter word off of a word I just played within a few seconds, over and over again.  That is impossible.  The hosts of this site turn a blind eye to the cheaters because they would run off about 25% of the players if they REALLY cracked down on the cheaters.

You are defending yourself and good players because you are one of the cheaters.  Saying that Ben is "unlucky" is an excuse for your cheating.  He was unlucky that the had to play a cheater.

Tell me, CC, how can even an excellent player make multiple 7 letter words off of words just played in less than 30 seconds, over and over?  Yes, once in a while it will happen.  Sometimes a good word is spelled out on the rack for you.  That is good luck.  But when an opponent does this over and over and over in a game, that is cheating.

I too have quit playing here because of the cheaters.  I feel sorry for the honest players that are good but never have a chance to compete for a prize or a top ranking because they play fair and honest and lose over and over again to cheaters.

I hate it when the cheaters give credit for their win to the "tile gods."  Is that what you call your cheating app, a tile god?  

If I ran the site, I would have a zero tolerance for cheating.  I play competitive chess online.  We have a zero tolerance for cheating.  If we even SUSPECT someone is cheating (does not have to be proven), one is banned for a lifetime.  That keeps our tournaments honest and fair.

If you cheaters have to cheat to win so you feel good about yourself, I really feel sorry for you.

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