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Why is the word "LEZ" still not allowed per the official rules?

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This question has been brought up by other players, but I have yet to see a ruling on it from admin. According to rule 13 in both the daily and monthly rules, LEZ is among the words that are allowed on android but not on iPhone and on that basis are disallowed in tourney play. However, I play on an iPhone and can tell you that word has been allowed on iPhone for at least 6 months now, if not a year. I have seen instances recently where players have noted some disputes over the word in their comments about tourney games. I have hesitated to play the word a number of times when it would have been advantageous in the game for fear of starting a dispute, since it is still by rule disallowed. I think the rules should be amended to allow this word since it is now a valid word on both platforms, and doing so would prevent any future disputes on the matter. Thanks.
asked 7 years ago in Dictionary by Word Freak (2,180 points)
Strangely enough, "lez" worked on my Fire and did not work on my Galaxy S5 on the same day (12/30/2014) with both being Android devices.

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We have removed Rule 13 from our site as it appears that the discrepencies between the the Android and iPhone have been resolved. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
answered 7 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)
Thanks. LE is still not allowed on iPhone, though. I don't know about Android. That could be an issue.

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