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Playing a word that's not connected to another word ?

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Playing a daily game with Bncanton (Beth) today and saw something I've never seen before.

She started the game with Beget (middle down) and then I played Ballon (middle right), off of the B in Beget.
Her next play was Fief but it was not connected to either of the other two words, as the ending F landed in a space three spots above the A in Ballon.
I've never seen that before, as I didn't think it was possible to play a word out in space, not connected to another word.
I then played Dunce, with the E ending in the E of Fief, to see if the game would correct itself somehow, which it did not.
I restarted the game, then restarted my device, and then reinstalled WWF – with no change in results after any of those options.
Anyone else experience something like this before?
I took a screen capture and attempted to email the issue to Zynga, but I did it via an email address I found via Google and am not sure if it'll go anywhere or I'll get a response.
asked 5 years ago in Game Issues by SoonerSelf Word Rookie (290 points)

1 Answer

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That's really strange, SoonerSelf. I've never experienced that before. Did you communicate to your opponent about it at all?
answered 5 years ago by smallfry777 Word Freak (2,820 points)
Yes, I let Beth know and, even though her next word was Throwing for over 100 pts, she was fine with starting another game.  But it didn't matter because she's killing me in the new game too.

I still haven't figured out where she actually played Fief, but I assume it was connected to Beget or Ballon on her side.

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