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My R2 Monthly opponent was assigned 2 opponents, and now I don't show up in Round 2.

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My May Monthly Round 2 opponent niccibuck81 was assigned to me by email and on my My Tourney page, yet she was also assigned to play BumbleB79.  Now I don't show up on the Round 2 results page as either Missing In Action or assigned to any other player.  I do see that niccibuck81 and BumbleB79 are paired against each other.  There has been another glitch in the system.

Please either assign me to another MIA player for Round 2 when they sign in, or grant me a bye for Round 2 as others have received in the past, and I will just wait for my Round 3 opponent.  Either option is fine with me.

Thank you


asked 6 years ago in Monthly by NEURAL STASIS Word Enthusiast (540 points)
I was given an opponent that was given a different opponent. So he has 2 and I don't have one. Hopefully this is fixed soon for both of us.

I have asked Don to give you a new opponent. If not, then you will be moved into Round 3.

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I have asked Don to try and assign you a new opponent. If not, then you will be moved into Round 3.
answered 6 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)

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