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Please allow NEURAL STASIS and ProcyonA back into the Monthly due to a glitch.

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NEURAL STASIS and I (ProcyonA) were given each other as opponents with about 13 hours left in the tournament. This was due to us both being given opponents that already had other people to play. We were unable to finish due this unfair amount of time, and both deserve to move on. Please look into fixing this problem.
Thank you.
asked 7 years ago in Monthly by Word Rookie (180 points)

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I just want to chime in on this and validate the facts.  I noticed that ProcyonA disputed the round, and he had a valid reason to do so.  As ProcyonA mentioned, we had both been assigned opponents that were also given other (correct) opponents via a glitch.  I contacted admin about this shortly after the round commenced, and we were each informed that a new opponent would be assigned if possible, or we would be given a bye into round three.

I checked multiple times per day for a new opponent both on the My Tourney page, via email, and also looked for an update on this page, with no action occurring during the first 50+ hours of the round.  My last check was at about the 16 hour mark.  I assumed this meant that I would be given a bye into round three.  Then, with 12 hours and 53 minutes left in the round, I received a game invite from ProcyonA, and an explanation that he was my assigned opponent.  Neither of us received an email regarding this...it was only that he happened to check his My Tourney page again at the 13 hour mark (late afternoon in my current time zone).

I was surprised at this, but we agreed to play, but were not able to complete the round due to the miniscule amount of time we were allowed, even though we both made a valiant effort.  We completed Game 1 (463:460), and were well into Game 2, with ProcyonA leading 429:382 with 10 tiles left in the bag after my move at midnight, and two hours left in the round.  I checked for a new move every 10 minutes until the round ended at 0200 my current time, but no move was made, and I therefore moved on to round 3 due to an incomplete round.  I am guessing that he fell asleep.

Even if we could have finished Game 2 before time elapsed, it would have been impossible to complete a Game 3 tiebreaker in the allotted time.  For this reason, I believe that it reasonable that ProcyonA be given a bye into the next round.  Having less than 13 hours to potentially play three games deep into the night was not very fair to either of us.  We really should have been reassigned as opponents when the problem was first identified two days before.  I am unclear why there was such a long delay, and for that reason I believe we were both simply expecting a bye into the next round (as had been granted to others in the past).  However, it was also unclear why we were not notified by email when we actually did get reassigned at such a late hour.  No comment was made on the previous question thread and no email was sent notifiying either of us that we had a new opponent.  Had ProcyonA not noticed the reassignment, it could have been several more hours before either of us checked the My Tourney page for an update on the resolution.

Sorry for the longwinded response, but considering the unusual circumstance, please consider allowing ProcyonA to also move forward in the monthly by granting him a bye to the next round.
answered 7 years ago by Word Enthusiast (540 points)

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