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What strategies exist for 'obvious' cheats?

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I'm not talking about word generator usage but a very small minority of players whose 'perfect' playing spans a large quantity of games and a diversity of players and seems to defy usual variable as 'luck' of tile draws etc---, along with certain other 'tells' that suggest the use of a computer not merely generating words but analysing the board for strategic optimization. I believe there's also players out there who know how to beat this...i wonder if there's a good strategy when this is suspected (or if these players are just good enough to take on a computer, which I understand is easier to beat than a game of chess against a computer for obvious reasons). I think this sort of cheat is extremely rare and NOT an issue for anyone playing on this site to be concerned about at all. Just curious.
asked 10 years ago in Disputes by Word Rookie (420 points)
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on the contrary, i doubt this type of cheat is rare
im sure many use strategic optimization as well, but of course hard to prove
some get passes because they are "known" or play in the tournament often
its either that or all the top players are siblings of einstein
so take your pick

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Please see earlier posts on the Home page dealing with "cheaters". You may also rate "cheaters" on the Daily Challenge.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
Sorry. Checked home page and do not see it. As far as the 'honesty' rating, I would never rate a players honesty based on one game. I understand you may use it to spot patterns, but who am I to judge that a player who plays 'pyrrhotite' and 'Diopcide' is a cheater and not a geologist? Or that my opponent isn't enjoying the 'perfect storm' of a round when I hope for the same thing for myself every game?

I'll check again for your home page reference (perhaps my iPad offers a limited view??) and thank you for your response.

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