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Does anyone else think I play daily too slow? PLEASE READ AND ANSWER!

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The first comment I make on all daily games is to tell my opponent that I play sporadically. I never quit a game, but I often take 30 to 70 hours to finish a daily game. Am I the only one who doesn't think the daily needs to be finished in 24 hours? The site gives us 72 hours from opponent being assigned to report and even allows us to have them enter results if we don't finish in those 72 hours or forget to enter score. I am being accused of being disrespetful by Vanrpe because I am unable to finish by the end of the day the daily started. Depending on the opponent's speed of play and the happenings at my house I usually get 1/2 to 3/4 the game done the 1st day, but rarely finish that day. I can't be the only one who does this. Is Vanrpe right that I am in the minority or does she need to lower her expectations? Does the majority finish in a day? Do you stay up late to finish games with overseas players?

Also I don't care how fast my opponent plays as long as they play every 4 to 5 hours when awake or communicate longer gaps. This is the longest I go without communicating.

I am not asking about the rules here, but the players expectations. I want to know your personal opinion.
asked 6 years ago in Daily by mom2boys3girls Word Freak (3,910 points)
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Hi Michelle,

Yes, you are slow.  

But my relationship with you as a fun, sporting and consistent player, is more important to me, than the result of our matches.  To demonstrate this, as you are aware, I am more than happy to concede a game with you, as Incomplete.  

We've played a few times, and you will know first hand that we've struggled to finish matches on time; you are the only player I consistently have challenges with, in completing on time.

It suprises me if US-based folks share the same view, given that I play from Australia, and the time-differences can play havoc at different times of the year.

That said we ALL know (well, at those that can read your public comment, and take this into account!)  that you have commitments and we all have to plan to accommodate that.

Hope this helps


answered 6 years ago by CCThommo Word Veteran (1,030 points)
So you are saying that based on all the evidence (public comment and opening remark that I play sporadic) that I am right to play "slow"? Or should I try harder to play faster? I don't want to be the player that everyone groans about playing because I play slow.
The questions you pose now in your response are different, so I will answer accordingly. The rules are clear, so whether I think you are "right" to play slow (or not) is irrelevant. If you could play faster, I'm confident that you would; however that is clearly impractical, otherwise this "slow play" issue would not exist.
So, that's my 2 cents worth. Oh, btw there are.lots of retirees amongst our ranks, who are not time poor; Patricia is a case in point. It's an issue you'll have to deal with as best you can, as the groans are likely to continue, regardless :-)
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I would never expect to complete a daily game in 24 hours, although in the monthly it's a little more urgent. Vanrpe was my round 3 monthly opponent and she refused to play more than one game at a time, so we were unable to finish 3 games before the round ended. (I do think Vanrpe is a very odd character who makes strange passive-aggressively rude comments and is quite unneccissarily contentious. I did not enjoy the game w her & wouldn't have said anything, but reading this gives me a forum to share my feelings on that I guess. Also, Vanrpe's public commect is misspelled and nonsensical, making her amazing vocabulary at this game seem highly suspect.)


That said, I would expect a game to be completed in 48 hours, but if that's not possible, please update the round as "in progress" at your earliest conveenienvce, otherwise your opponent will be konocked out of the daily draw along with yourself.  I just got into it with aegiscfo for suggesting he not play in league if 3 moves in 48 hrs is all one can manage. It's inconsiderate to other players to get them removed from daily play. He suggested that "most" games take several days to finish, which is simply not the case for people who play at a decent pace. Yes, I can see how most of your games wouldn't finish on time if you can only play 3 moves in 2 days!


In all, I've had some real doozies as opponents this past week, a couple very inconsiderate and rude players, and a couple very obvious cheats as well.  It's supposed to be enjoyable! (I do not think the moderators will ever remove players for cheating, or a ceratin one I played this week would not still be in these games! She's been an obvious cheater in my book for years now. But I digress!)

I would say if you are going to take over 2 days to finish a game, at least acknowledging that your pace is slow and being apologetic about it is better than pretending it's normal and telling your opponent to get a life!  Yeesh, some people!


ok, now I've just really vented about my bad week with wwf tourney...

thanks for listening, y'all angry

answered 6 years ago by babstoyfish Word Freak (2,330 points)
Thanks for your answer! I really appreciate it. I agree with a lot of your points. I do want to point out though that your opponent putting "in progress" on their game does not affect your games. I learned this when I saw that my opponent had put "in progress" and I hadn't, so I did not receive an opponent the next day. So you must put "in progress" for you to continue on. I told Vanrpe to mark her game is "in progress" and she told me she didn't need to do that she just needed us to play the game. I don't just sit around and look at my game and think I'm not going to play now even though I can. I have a very busy life with five kids and many responsibilities and enjoy playing the game, but it doesn't come first. I am glad to know that most players don't think like her.
Hmmm ... I'm pretty sure the question was clearly stated about slowness, and one's personal view about that matter, as directed by the questioner.
I did not realise it was also an invitation to take a crack at another player.  
Short of rolling in at night posse-style with flares and pitchforks, is public vilification of any player, in anyone's best interests, regardless of whether you have found a 'bird of a feather' that shares the same view about that player?
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Hi Michelle, We've played a number of good daily games, and personally I couldn't care less about your "slow" rate of play. I usually have about 10 games going at any given time, I have a job and like yourself, a life. I would suggest to players who hound you about it, maybe they should get one (a life, that is). As long as daily games are completed in 72 hours and monthly matches by the deadline, who cares? You can flag the game as "in progress" before 48 hrs. and you won't be locked out of the next day's game. Some players don't seem to realize this, I've noticed. My only issue with time is when I'm playing a monthly match and the other player drags it out so much that I'm up till 1AM the night of the deadline and I lose because I'm falling asleep and make a stupid mistake. That's happened to me before....it won't happen again, now I take screenshots. I've only played one game against the player you mentioned, and it was unpleasant. She started a game, but didn't make a move, so I couldn't play a word. When I sent her a text 5 hours later, she finally played. After that, I was hounded with texts every 15 minutes: "where did you go? I am still here," etc. Very annoying. This is not the spirit of the game, or this site. It's supposed to be Words With Friends, remember? In the immortal words of William Shatner, "People...get a life!" Dave, aka the SOB
answered 6 years ago by Secretary of Beverages Word Freak (2,180 points)
I have enjoyed playing you the many times we have played. On the other hand Vanrpe is a terrible and annoying player to play. She mostly complains when I stop playing to go to sleep, which is very annoying because I can't stay up all night long. She claims she stays up later to accommodate her overseas opponents, but I just don't see how that is necessary for even someone in my time zone. I do respect other people's time, but I don't think in the same way that she wants me to. I can't respect other people's time so much that I don't respect my own family. Like you I think of this as a game and if we don't finish the game I don't freak out. I rarely have to report to game as incomplete. I have no problem finishing up monthly round in three days if we play game one and two at the same time. Hopefully she will mellow out, but I'm just tired for telling me that I am the only player that plays the slow. It doesn't sound like I am. And if I am, I don't think everyone (as she tells me) hates that I do play like this. I've never had a complaint and I always get 5 stars from everyone except for her. Speed of play is one of the criteria for the stars so I'm going to believe that she is just a nutcase.

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