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Why do I have to re-join tournaments so frequently?

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It seems that EVERY month, I have to re-join the daily tournaments, anywhere from 1-5 times per month! I have NEVER suspended my involvement in a single tourney, yet I keep having to re-join to continue getting opponents. The assignments are made at 3AM in my time zone, so when I do notice that I haven't been assigned an opponent, it is generally too far past the start time to be assigned a match. Is there a wsy to prevent this from happening? Thanks!
asked 5 years ago in Daily by Trippster2 Word Rookie (200 points)
the eternal wwf.net question...
The most likely reason why you're forced to regularly rejoin, is in the matches you play, you have not updated the "How did round nn Finish" drop-down menu to "In Progress".  Do this every time you start, finish in good time, and its unlikely you will have to rejoin again :-)
Play well, have fun!

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The way to prevent getting kicked out of the loop is to mark games "in progress".

It's kind of a pain, as I imagine it must be a total pain for the moderators to have to keep updating the scores for everyone who missed the deadline.  If they added another 24 hours, the problem would probably be mostly solved I imagine.

In the years I've been playing the question has come up several times, but no change so I guess there's a reason for it...
answered 5 years ago by babstoyfish Word Freak (2,330 points)

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