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Updated version of WWF....new app

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Has anyone tried the new app which is the upgraded version of WWF? would like to hear pros and cons before downloading! Thanks in advance!
asked 5 years ago in Website issues by Snoopy624 Word Veteran (1,050 points)
I disagree with most of the previous poster. I guess it depends on if you're talking about iPhone or android. I don't necessarily think some of the new features are needed, but they can be ignored. I don't find much difference between the old and new on the iPhone. I don't like how I see the person's real name when they are logged in to Facebook. It was fine when they were my Facebook friend, But it is very confusing when I don't know them in real life. That is my only real complaint.

1 Answer

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the old app as it's easier on my eyeballs.
answered 5 years ago by babstoyfish Word Freak (2,330 points)
edited 5 years ago by babstoyfish

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