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Why is the word Jello accepted? It is a brand name for gellatin, not a word.

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Proper names are not appropriate for Words With  Friends/Scrabble type of games.
asked 9 years ago in Dictionary by anonymous
The rule is not against proper names, it's against words that are "usually capitalized". While Jell-o is a capitalized name and a trademark, it has been genericized, meaning it's entered general usage outside with a meaning broader than its distinct, trademarked use, and in this usage it is often written in lowercase. Therefore, it is allowed.

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You will need to contact the makers of WWF, Zynga/NewToy to express your concern.
answered 9 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)
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There are brand names that are commonly used enough as words that dictionaries will accept them.  JELLO is one of those words.  XEROX is another.  FRISBEE, VASELINE, and KLEENEX are not acceptable in WWF, but they are acceptable in tournament Scrabble.  And that last bit is just another example of the inconsistency that you'll typically see in the modified ENABLE wordlist that WWF uses.
answered 9 years ago by Word Freak (2,240 points)
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After running a marathon, my legs turned to jello. Later I went to a restaurant where I had green Jell-O™ for dessert.

Got it?

answered 9 years ago by Word Freak (7,150 points)

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