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Request to claim December R5 match vs biglarge381

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Hi there,

I'd like to claim victory vs Biglarge381

Results are posted under R5, but when I tried to update, the site would only allow me to raise a dispute.

 However, there was no countdown timer in place, so neither of us knew when the round was due to finish.

I have screenshots supporting this exchange if need be


asked 5 years ago in Monthly by CCThommo Word Veteran (1,030 points)

1 Answer

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The Round ended at approximately 9:00 pm PST December 19th (about 27 hours ago) I left the Round open until six hours ago. Since you did not complete the Round, neither of you will move forward. You have participated in many tournaments and know that the Rounds are three days long except for the first Round of the month which is four days.
answered 5 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)
No worries Debby, I accept the decision, though will add that I use the countdown timer as my guide, given the differences in timezones often in play. The countdown timer provides an objective measure, and eliminates any confusion around dates and times around the world.
The absence of the timer was unfortunate, but themselves the breaks
Thanks for your prompt response on a Saturday evening.
Good to see the countdown time reinstated, even though the match if refers to, finished 6 hours ago, and there are days left to complete the match .. *sigh*

For future reference, I would like guidance regarding the next time the countdown timer is missing.
1) Is it up to the players to advise that the countdown timer is missing?
2) Is it up to the administrators to ensure that it is up and running, and to advise the comp players, when they can expect its reinstatement in the event that it is missing?

The November comps started late this year, but the administrators did list the planned finish times and dates for each round.  Interestingly, the countdown timer was in operation; I know this, as I use it as a guide for each round

The December comps started late this year, but the administrators did NOT list the planned finish and start times for the monthly rounds.  During this time, the countdown timer was not in operation during round 5; I actually asked my opponent (Biglarge381) if he knew when we were supposed to finish; he did not, and neither did I.  Like me, i suspect my opponent would be surprised to learn that it finished at 9:00pm PST on 19th Dec)

I -- and I suspect, so would other players -- have a reasonable expectation regarding administrative consistency when these glitches appear.  We all understand they occur, and are grateful when they are dealt with, as evidenced by the support we have for the work that the admins do.

Lets take some learnings from my feedback (I also recall David (NEURAL STASIS) raising a query around the countdown timer earlier this year), apply this and use it as an opportunity to improve the playing experience for all, from here on in


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