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Can we use UN with emoji in them? My old UN was taken when I took a break from WwF.

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My old UN was freak4JESUS, but I took a break fro WwF and put emoji in my name so people would not start games with me but when I came back to WwF and change my name back to freak4JESUS it says the name was already taken. So now I have the emoji in my UN.
asked 10 years ago by Word Rookie (120 points)

1 Answer

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As you know, if you have an emoji in your user name your opponents will not be able to start games with you. For our site, we recommend that you have no emoji's. You can contact the makers of WWF, Zynga to see if they can resurrect your old username.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)
Regarding players not being able to start games with people who have emojis: No longer true for players who have the latest iPhone version; user name searches with emojis DO work now. Android players however have no means of inputting emojis.

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