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Suddenly cant log in...

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... as of Feb 1. I enter my name (whomever) and pw, and it just retuns to login page with no error msg. If i typy wrong info, I get error complaint. Seemes to be a site bug...
asked 6 years ago by Word Rookie (180 points)
You are correct. We have found that players who use Safari have difficulty logging onto our site. Using a different browser, Google Chrome, has solved the problem.

1 Answer

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Solved: tried using another browser (Chrome rather than Safari) on my ipad, logged in with no problems.

Subsequently I restarted** Safari and found I could log in again using Safari again.  Doubt that the restart fixed it, since I had the problem before on multiple devices (ipad, mac laptop), but not sure.

Anyhow, its OK now.  Its happened before.  Next time it happens, I'll try (1) restarting Safari and (2) using Chrome rather than Safari, and report back via comment here.


** ipad app restart: press button twice, throw out app (Safari), find and restart it from home screen.
answered 6 years ago by Word Rookie (180 points)

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