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URGENT: Monthly March, mixed up pairing

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Hello, I was paired up with three players to play first round: Simply Specks (her name is on My Tourney and result page), Shelrose and Pacman294 (my name apparently appeared on their tourney page). I have played Pacman half way through of the first 2 round. Please sort this out quickly as we have little time left. I have played Pacman first and we are now half way through the two games. I have started games with Simply Specks this morning and bout to start ones with Shelrose!

asked 3 years ago in Monthly by dae_eos Word Enthusiast (740 points)
Hi Debbie, I am having similar problem on the second round. This time, it is not that I was matched up with many others, but my name is not listed at all on the result page. I got and email last night that I was to play Johnchgo1, but he already finished his round with MrGlenn.

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You only need to play the opponents listed on the results page. In this case it's Simply Specks. Shelrose and Pacman294 will get byes for this round and move into Round 2.
answered 3 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (180,920 points)

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