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If i have one letter left and its my turn and the game hasnt ended yet, does that mean i still have a mover somewhere?

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i cant find a spot for my letter (J) and im losing by 20 its my turn does this mean i still have a place for it since the game has not ended?
asked 11 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous
The game does not end until all letters are played from one players rack. If you have no play then you need to pass to allow your opponent to play.

2 Answers

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It's possible that there may be no place for you to play that J at this point, in which case you can hit the Pass button to skip your turn so the game can continue.
answered 11 years ago by Word Freak (2,240 points)
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When the number of letters in the pile is in the single digits you need to give great thought as to how to ditch the Z, Q, J, X, Vs, and Cs and sometimes take a lesser points option to ensure you don't get stuck with them.

Learn to know and love these combos:

HA+J, J+AB, J+AM, J+AR, J+AW, J+AY, J+ET, J+IN, J+O, J+OE, J+OW, J+OY, J+UN, J+US, J+UT, and TA+J.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (7,150 points)

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