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Why can't u sepperate overseas players from players in the states? Its so hard to play with the time difference

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THe time difference when playing overseas players so quite difficult.  Can you seperate into two groups?  I get Austraila and Afkanisan...there is an 8 hour time difference.  So hard to get the games in.
asked 10 years ago in Monthly by Word Freak (2,670 points)
you can't spell either country's name either, are you sure this is the game for you??
I really enjoy playing wwf with players in other countries. I'm a night owl, it works for me!

1 Answer

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Technically it's feasible but the player pool is not deep enough at the moment.  If we separated by time zone then people would be playing the same opponents multiple times per month
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
you spelled separate wrong

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