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Site say my rd 1 opponent in Sept Monthly is Hardcle. Email says Loganboy1 and Loganboy1 sent me a game. What to do?

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And I am now well into the match with Loganboy1.  Now I have recieved a notice for a 3rd opponent!!!  Dad_the_impaler is my latest rd 1 opponent.  Loganboy and I are nearing the competion of our 1st 2 games.
asked 6 years ago in Monthly by Word Enthusiast (900 points)
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3 Answers

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Same question. Olliehoops is my opponent via email and website. What to do?
answered 6 years ago by Word Rookie (220 points)
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You are correct in playing Loganboy1. When this happens we need you to go to the Results page and see who you are paired with. In this case it shows Loganboy1.
answered 6 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)
Actually the results page shows me playing loganboy1 AND Hardcle. The problem is that 2 players are currently unmatched if I play loganboy1....also my tourney page still has me paired with hardcle....
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Well, to complicate things, I have now been assigned Nikkoarray as an opponent, and that is who shows in Results as well. I'll go ahead and proceed with him, along with Olliehoops until we get more direction. Thanks.
answered 6 years ago by Word Veteran (1,420 points)

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