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How can you appeal a legit word the WWF app says is unacceptable?

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Why is "ouija" not an acceptable word?  The WWF app advertises Dictionary.com as though it is the source of their dictionary. And Dictionary.com says "Ouija" is a word, but the dictionary in the WWF app says "Ouija" is an unacceptable word, and accordingly, will not allow it to be played.  Is there anywhere to appeal when the WWF app says a word is unacceptable?  And at least challenge the status of a "word"?  And possibly have the word added to the WWF app as acceptable or receive an official denial, or answer, as to whether a word may truly be unacceptable?

Thank you!

asked 1 year ago in Dictionary by Christy List 007 Word Rookie (120 points)

2 Answers

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Contact Zynga directly as they control the word list used on their app. Www.support.zynga.com
answered 1 year ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (171,380 points)
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Ouija is a proper noun and always capitalized.  Capitalized words are never allowed in Scrabble and most are also not allowed in WWF as well.   Many proper nouns are listed in Dictionary.com and vulgar and/or profane words are also listed there, too.  But most of those are not allowed in WWF.
answered 1 year ago by Piano Jeff Word Rookie (310 points)

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