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Why can't I resign from a game when it isn't my turn?

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I end up waiting days for people to make moves, and they never do. Because there's a limit on amount of open games, I end up not being able to play for days because I can't resign from open games in which the opponent isn't playing. 5 days is not a "reasonable" time. If there is going to be a limit on open games and a 5 day allowance for people to play, there needs to be the ability for people to resign whenever they want.
asked 10 years ago in Game Features by anonymous
edited 10 years ago by anonymous
I agree. You should be able to resign when it's not your turn.
Totally agree
I agree. It's a pain waiting days. Fix this feature.
I agree.  Let us resign whenever we want.
I hate that I'm forced to sit and wait weeks. I want to get rid of the stalled out games and play someone that is actually interested in playing. It's wrong not being able to lose the dead wood.
Totally agree !  It is so frustrating when people agree to play and they don't.  WWF says they will auto resign after 5 days but that is an outright misnomer.  I've had games up to 3 weeks without play.  The remind feature is ok, but doesn't get rid of those people tying up your game board.  Such a simple fix WWF... get with the program !!!!
One of my "friends" reminds me as soon as she makes a play then she doesn't play for days.  Can't wait to be done with her!
I know it's annoying it won't let me exit the game permanently
what can we do about this? What is the real rule?
I agree as we'll. I have 7 games that have not been responded to for almost 2 weeks.  Not very user friendly
I totally agree with you and every one else. Let us resign if the opponent is not playing.
I am from Belgium,and I play several games with people from America,but sometimes there are weirdo's,they play some words and then stop if you don't answer there questions!I wish I could resign them even if it's not my turn!Why do we have to wait until THEY deceided to resign,or wait for more than 10 days before it is removed!!

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This is an issue that you need to raise with the makers of WWF. I know it used to be 21 days before the game automatically resigned so they did listen to their users and changed it to five days for random games and eleven days for requested games.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
Eleven days is too long. If the WWF admin is reading, please make it three days. It is so frustrating for us that want to play but opponents won't resign. I have one person who has three open games and now I think it is on purpose.
Five days is way too long too.  It's ridiculous.  I think 24 hours is much more reasonable, and that's being generous.  If people can't afford the time to play the game - they shouldn't accept an invite to play.  I have nine games that are at least three days old - just sitting there.  It drives me nuts!  It doesn't make any sense why the games are placed on hold for so long.
I think that 24 hours is a reasonable time after that it's time to play another person who wants to play
I agree on the three days but I'd rather see the person sitting on their fingers (rather than playing) face an automatic pass rather than having the game end. I'm sure a few of those will motivate a lazy player. ;-)
I totally agree, after 3 days an automatic pass should be issued. Then after another day of no response automatic resign the non responsive player. I have a game sitting idle for 8 days and cannot close it, no longer fun.
I'm waiting for 5 games to be resigned....one is as old as 30 days! What do I do?
some people actually have lives 24 hours is way too short 3-5 days is ok
I am only two weeks into this game and I also feel frustrated because I have several people that are still on there that don't play!!!! We need a way to delete a player earlier if there is no reply in a shorter time!!
you should be able to resign whenever you damn well please! That rule is for the birds! Do away with it entirely!!! Frustrated that I have no control regarding this issue! Come on Zynga get with the requests! Nobody wants to wait a week to see if they are going to play or not!! Make the change for the better of everyone that plays!!
Is it to difficult to add a feature that allows a person to cancel a game , when an opponent is taking to long to respond to their turn. This is a very annoying feature.
There is one player that intentionally starts multiple games, and then delays play to tie up the system.  Yes, we should be able to resign inactive games -- it is a drag.
Automatic deleting of a game after a given time is not the answer to the problem. After all, some people might want games to stay active. The answer is to make it possible for either party to delete the game at any time.
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If this is your problem, then stop playing random opponents.

Enter the tournaments here or go register at wwfstats.com and use their opponent selector to play people who want to play and you won't have so much idle time.

answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (7,150 points)
This is not the issue for me. I have games that my friend has already resigned from but they still on phone after 3 months and I cannot delete because it says its not my turn. He cannot resign because he has already done so!
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I totally agree that  either party should be able to resign - what's the big deal about if it's your turn or not???  I have a person playing 5 games right now and it's been 5 days since they've played....  If you can't change that why don't you make it so we can play however many games we want?  Thanks - love your game!!
answered 9 years ago by anonymous

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