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How do I re-sync my facebook to my account existing from android after accidentally creating a new account

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I just got an iPad and logged in with facebook rather than my existing account I made on Android.  Is there a way to de-sync facebook from the gerneric account created by the app to the one I actually care about?
asked 9 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous
I've done exactly the same thing. It seems strange that as long as I'm giving the appropriate Facebook credentials it would give such a message. How do I unlink it from the generic account?
me too. and its super annoying.

2 Answers

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Ask on the Zynga Help Desk.

answered 9 years ago by Word Freak (7,150 points)
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While helping my granddaughter change from a free account to the paid version, we accidentally did the same thing.  At the bottom of this page there's a section in tiny letters that say "send feedback."  If you click on there and explain the problem carefully, Admin will fix it for you.  Be clear about which one you want disconnected and which one to leave connected.  Then I think you might have to either re-friend or request a game through Facebook with the corrected one.  That worked with ours. We got a message that said the incorrect account was detached from WWF so that we could re-connect the new one.

Hope this helps.

answered 9 years ago by Word Rookie (410 points)

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