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How do I log out on my ipad so my husband can log in?

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asked 9 years ago by anonymous

5 Answers

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If you click on "account settings" you should be able to enter the username and email of your husband so he can use his account.
answered 9 years ago by admin Word Freak (50,570 points)
It shows an error about that email being in use.
I would recommend resetting the password for that account as described here

I'm running into the same problem...if you try to log in a different user it says that the username and email address is already taken. Come on words with friends...thats a big (inconvenient) oversight!
The account settings screen appears to only exist to modify settings on the account that is logged in. I need to be able to logout so my friend can play.
This app really needs a log out button. My wife can't play with her account.  Please fix ASAP
Finally figured it out. You have to uninstall the app to log out. Then when you reinstall it you can login. Sucks they need to find a better way /:
I agree
I need to be able to log out as I don't want my daughter on the internet
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There is an easy workaround, install the paid and the free version then you can log in the free version with one account and the paid with another, no good if you don't like ads or don't like paying for apps but it works a treat. Can't believe no one else has thought of it
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
Actually I've suggested it now fewer than than three times, like here: http://ask.wordswithfriends.net/index.php/1304/have-different-logins-usernames-iphone-words-with-friends
You're assuming they actually want to pay.......
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Its very simple, after each session close out the web pages you are using then goto Settings-Safari-then scroll to the bottom and press: clear History and Cache and Cookies. This will remove all password memory on an Ipad or an Iphone
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
Perfect, simple answer. Thank you very much
This did not work for me.
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Go to settings and under mail , you can activate or deactivate an account
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
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I am a guy and I'll assume the first poster is too. First, I am embarrassed that my half of the population includes that person. That is not acceptable behaviour. Secondly, as to your question, I have the same question and arrived at this page because I am searching for the answer. If it is possible to log out one username and login in another (so wife and I can use the same iPad), I have not found it. Changing your password or your username does not work (the latter is only for switching to a new username, which is not workable because one can only play "with friends" if your username is the same username you previously told your friends). I have examined all of the options and help screens, but it is totally absent.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
Eureka! I discovered how to do it, although it's not very elegant. Download the free app "Clean Master" and click through junk files,-System Cache-words free cache-clean cache-then, here's the good part-"Clear Data."  This step apparently clears your email and user name from your devise, but doesn't affect anything else; I guess because your games are stored on Words' servers.  So, next time you try ro log into Words, you'll be asked to give your email address, and viola, you're in as whoever you sign in as.  Now if you wish, just use the clean master app anytime you want to sign in as a different user on the devise.  Happy......

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