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Mixology tm is using special characters so only he can start games... tried to start a game at 6:30amCT.

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Even tried Google to find out how I can type in his screenname and they didn't help. This screenname ensures he starts every game... frustrating... thought this was now illegal! Please advise!
asked 5 years ago in Disputes by Word Rookie (290 points)
Sorry for the inconvenience but in no way am I using ™ as an advantage? It's an emoji that allowed me in the game to use and on the site. In no way am I using it for an advantage it's just how I like my name.

2 Answers

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Have you tried going to Create Game, clicking on Friends, and then scroll down to find his name in the alphabetical list?  I was able to find him that way.
answered 5 years ago by Word Rookie (290 points)
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He just changed his name back to 'myaircatcher'. Should be resolved. I just played him in the monthly.
answered 5 years ago by Word Rookie (350 points)

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