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Mixology tm is using special characters so only he can start games... tried to start a game at 6:30amCT.

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Even tried Google to find out how I can type in his screenname and they didn't help. This screenname ensures he starts every game... frustrating... thought this was now illegal! Please advise!
asked 10 months ago in Disputes by Jbeckham Word Rookie (270 points)
Sorry for the inconvenience but in no way am I using ™ as an advantage? It's an emoji that allowed me in the game to use and on the site. In no way am I using it for an advantage it's just how I like my name.

2 Answers

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Have you tried going to Create Game, clicking on Friends, and then scroll down to find his name in the alphabetical list?  I was able to find him that way.
answered 10 months ago by SoonerSelf Word Rookie (290 points)
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He just changed his name back to 'myaircatcher'. Should be resolved. I just played him in the monthly.
answered 10 months ago by -ephemeron- Word Rookie (350 points)

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