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How can COOF, DE and FELLAH be acceptable? Doesn't common usage have some relevance?

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asked 10 years ago by anonymous

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Coof is Scottish slang term for idiot.

De is a dialectical (Northumbria, England) form of "to do" and also retains from the Norman invasion the French meaning of "of" or "from".

Fellah is a "peasant" in Arabic (similar to "serf" which is Russian or "peon" which is Spanish which have also been adopted into English, or other Arabic words like "Qadi", "Haj", or "Suq" which are playable) and it is also colloquial spelling of "fellow".

answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (7,150 points)
So regional slang and dialectal forms are acceptable?
And you know you're really struggling when you have to reference the Norman invasion. Sheesh (not valid).
Struggling? Are you that ignorant of the profound effect that the Norman invasion had on the evolution of the English language?

If you are so unwilling to learn new words, why do you play the game?

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