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How much longer are you going to allow Dale_J to game system by not posting his scores except through you?

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At least a dozen players have mentioned the fact that Dale_J avoids playing many top players by not posting wins after games except texting you. It only takes us one minute to post. In one stretch he was allowed to play 8 straight opponents rated below 50%. For your consideration. There may be a valid reason he is an exception month after month. Thank for for a great site!
asked 4 years ago in Daily by Word Rookie (290 points)
I don't know about "gaming the system," but it sure does spoil it for those who want to play every day.  This month he's started 11 games and completed 1.  I haven't been affected this month -yet.  Going forward I plan to count all Dale games as wins--unless he beats me during regulation--on the day he engages, not the middle of next month.

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Your comment is noted
answered 4 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)

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