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Hi Debbie, Can you pass a message to CaliforniaGeorge

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You asked why I played a full game with Greirat but could not finish with you!

The reason is I am UK based and Greirat played his game in his early afternoon which was my evening and therefore  I could play.

I usually go to bed at approx 11pm UK time which  believe is 3 pm California  time, I usually play in the morning, approx midnight your time, lunch time ,4am your time and in the evening 10 am to approx 2.30 pm your time!

I  am not staying up till 3 or 4 am and I do have jobs to do (altho not today! 31/10!)

I hope this explains the alleged slow play
asked 2 weeks ago in Game Issues by goonerbob89 Word Enthusiast (690 points)

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