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Can you put a time limit on gaps between turns in the daily games?

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Putting aside the fact that daily games should be finished in a day, often they are not. So my question is can we put a limit on the gap between turns. I'm playing someone who went 25 hours without making a move. When I asked if he wanted to continue the game he played a word but our progress has been slow. It's the 9th today. Our game started on the 7th and there are still 33 tiles left to play. I think that when someone goes 24 hours without making a move the game should end.
asked 1 year ago in Daily by Jammymamma Word Enthusiast (600 points)

1 Answer

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Rule 2 does state that moves should be made within 15 minutes. Players should communicate their time constraints. That being said, we want the matches to be fun.
answered 1 year ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,580 points)
Automatic forfeiture if no move made in 24 hours in the daily game?

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