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Where are ridiculously high scores listed?

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Hi there wwf.net (go easy on me, I'm new here)

Neat site!  I don't think I'm ready to play tournaments myself yet.  I am a computer programmer of many years, so words with friends interests me as a programmer, probably quite differently than most people registered at this site.  I'm sure I'd get a barrage of  "cheater" cries, if I did try, so I will pass on your tournaments for now.  I enjoy words with friends, especially just slinging words as I see them.

But as a programmer, I have these little side projects...


I don't see anywhere things like this are listed.  Surely I should get some bragging rights from this, eh?  No only did I need cooperation from a friend (whom I met on WWF itself, go figure) but it took an enourmous amount of time to set up beforehand, several practice runs, a dozen or two warm-up long words and a blistering amount of patience to actually finally play it out.

Apparently all the words I used were from the old original word list.  When we re-did it, (sideways) I only added "VU" as an overflow letter, because that snarky recent addition annoys me.

asked 10 months ago by Ed 7 Word Rookie (120 points)

1 Answer

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It is fun to play games where you set yourself up for high scoring words. You need to present this directly to Zynga or go to their Facebook page.
answered 10 months ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,320 points)

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