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How do you fix the game not reloading or showing when a move has been made by an opponent?

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I have games listed under "Your Move." It says what word the opponent recently played. However, when I go into the game to make MY response move, the word that the opponent has played does not show. It's almost like the game can't/won't reload . At top, where it would say the user has played this word for so many points, it's showing MY name & the word that I had last played (prior to my opponent playing his/her word). I can put tiles down, but the only option available to me is to resign. As said, it's like the game got stuck after my last move. The system won't reload with my opponent's recent play, nor can I make any plays myself. I checked to see if any updates were needed. Nope - None. I checked to see if my own, individual phone needed updates. Nope - None. I went in & out of the game multiple times & even re-booted my phone a few times. I sent an email to the developer, but got NO response! Basically, everything I've tried has been to no avail. The only thing that I haven't tried, because I don't have a clue as to how to do it, is to log out. Last I checked, there was no real way to log out. Anybody else experience this same thing? If so, any resolutions? Thanks!
asked 10 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous
Having the exact same problem!
I have three games stuck like this right now. Frustrating.
I'm having the same problem with the games getting stuck. Currently I'm trying to play 12 games (because we had to start new games) with someone who has a Droid. I have an iPhone. All the games show it's her turn and show my last word on my phone. This is correct. On her phone, some show in her turn area but my name as current player. Some don't show at all. Some show it's my turn but don't show her last word. We've been fighting this since we started playing. I play with other iPhone/Pad owners and don't have this problem. Is it the interface between the two systems?
Installing and reinstalling the app worked for me.
same here.  also, tile "disappears" when I try to move it when it is my turn..

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Try deleting the app and then reloading it. Sometimes that helps.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)
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This is for android.  Go to settings > apps > downloaded.  Find WWF and click on it.  You'll see two choices:  clear data and clear cache.  First clear data.  Then clear cache.  This will log you out.  Reopen WWF.  It should ask you to log in again, after which you should see your current games properly.
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
That worked...thanks!

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