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Please add game options that limit the 'active' time a player has and the number of 'random' words they can try.

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I'm tired of people taking for ever trying combinations of letters to make a high scoring word and they don't understand the word. It removes the word skill and turns it into a game if luck with the tiles. I would like to set rules for people playing me where they have 10 minutes with the app active and 5 attempts to make a word. Perhaps also if they make an attempt it notifies me of their attempt and shows me those tiles. Like the real game.
asked 9 years ago in Game Features by anonymous

1 Answer

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WWF is not that other word game with a physical game board, it's just WWF and has different rules.  But regardless, your suggestions should be directed to Zynga the game publisher, not to this site, which is unaffiliated with Zynga.
answered 9 years ago by Kitchenator Word Enthusiast (900 points)

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