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What does the red and white "No" symbol (circle with a diagonal line across it) mean when one suddenly "loses" a game?

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I was playing a very close game with A, and I was winning by only about 15 points (or less, I can't remember exactly).  We each had 3 tiles left, no tiles left in the grab-bag.  I had just played "hush," which I double-checked, is a valid word, and it was A's turn to play.  The next time I logged in, the game appeared at the end of my "Game Over" section, and where A's letter tile should have been, there was a red square with a white "No" symbol on it (a circle with a diagonal line across it).  It said that A beat me, even though no other words were played (it says "hush" was the last play), and I had been winning.  What happened?  I am not allowed to view the board to see what happened as I can with other games that have been finished.
asked 10 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous
The same thing happened to me- ughhh!!  I was just doing a search to see what the heck happened- I thought the other player cleared their tiles then banned me :)
It happened to me, too.  And, not only did I lose the game (and had the red and white "no" symbol), my opponent (who happened to be my husband) had no clue that the game was over.  The game was still in the "Their Move" section of his board.
This has happened to me twice and it doesn't show on my opponent's board.  I was winning both times and then suddenly they won and the red symbol was on my  "game over" section.

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The game went through a "Repair" from WWF. That game is lost.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (189,620 points)
Thank you.  If I may, then (apologies for my newness), what does a "repair" mean?  And what made A automatically win when I was currently winning?
For whatever reason, the particular game failed WWF's internal integrity checks and was corrupted beyond repairability.  It has happened to me as well.  Nothing to be done.
This happened to me on my mobile phone, so I uninstalled WWF and reinstalled it and the game came back up as active:)

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