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How do you challenge a word within a game, and how do you remove the challenged word?

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The word in question is "obes." Interestingly enough, your word validator says that is valid, however the references you cite says that it is not. If this is a word, please provide a definition as well.
asked 9 years ago in Disputes by anonymous

1 Answer

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Obes are Out Of Body Experiences.

She obes whenever she hears this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8CdzZWREbk
answered 9 years ago by Iseasky Word Rookie (160 points)
Can't find a definition.

Same with CRIS.  Validates but I can't find a definition.
If you allow the abbreviation OBES as an acceptable word, why not 'ok' or 'TV'?  I also recently played a game where 'fixure' was used. Webster's says the word doesn't exist. Could it be 'fixture' or 'fissure' misspelled in the database? I would love to see a 'challenge' button in this game!
The rules state no acronyms
I 2nd that..should be a word challenge button.  Ne is on the list..no such word.  It's an abbreviated symbol for neon...or northeast, or Nebraska.

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