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what do i do if my opponent is cheating?

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My opponents is cheating and I think I deserve a win because he used words that are not in the dictionary like zibet birled and haj what do I do?
asked 9 years ago in Disputes by lane logger Word Rookie (210 points)

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Click on the "send feedback" below and let us know who your opponent is. Please send a screenshot of the game if you can. However, I have seen and used all of the words that you have listed in games that I have played over the last year.
answered 9 years ago by anonymous
I really appreciate Your answer. Being accused of cheating when not is annoying. Then they send other friends your name and they begin to request games calling you a cheat too. How can anyone fault anyone for cheating, anyways? The game is built on math and word combinations. When not in tournament, I encourage many to cheat against me. Makes the game interesting and I learn new words. The database is well written!
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Haj is pretty common.  You will see a lot of weird words the longer you play.  However, I think way too many people are using "help" and it seems to happen most often when people are trying to reach the TW, (and play words like 'faitour' and 'lorica'.)  I tend to give a pass with J, Z, or Q words because lists are available that can be studied.  

I really wish some people would learn to enjoy the game honestly.  Where's the reward in cheating??  What's rewarding its figuring out the puzzle WITH YOUR OWN BRAIN.  It's a real bummer playing a lousy cheater!  Wish we could get a ring of  True players to start a tournament!
answered 9 years ago by babstoyfish Word Freak (2,330 points)
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Those are words in Scrabble dictionaries, and there is a lot of overlap between the words used in Scrabble and those used in Words With Friends.  If you think they are not words because they are not in your dictionary, you need a new dictionary (i.e. a Scrabble dictionary).
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
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my issue here, and what i think first needs to be addressed, is how you know your opponent is cheating. in my book cheating is a serious accusation; so what's your evidence? as touched upon in other replies, the words in question (listed in the OP) are fairly common for any player at or beyond an intermediate level. is that your whole case? listen, as troublesome as dirtbag cheaters are, and i have had my own suspicions on a few occasions, nothing is more galling than being wrongfully accused. there are countless seasoned and skilled players out there, and IMO one should exercise restraint in tossing out accusations each time an opponent demonstrates strong wordplay.
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
It is easy to determine if someone is cheating.  If they repeatedly respond to your move in a minute or less with a word built upon the word you just played and it is a bingo or a huge value word (50+ points), they are cheating.  This can happen once in a while, but if it happens the entire game, they are cheating.  If you look at the leaders of the Daily tournament and the players still in the Monthly tournament after the 20th, most (not all) are the cheaters.

The cheaters have ruined this site and I no longer play here because I play honest and fair and do not like to lose against a cheater.  I dont mind losing if we are playing an honest and fair game.  Sometimes the tiles favor the other player, sometimes the other player knows more words, and sometimes the other player is better at word placement.  I accept that and strive to improve my game.  But when the above described scenerio occurs over and over, they are cheating.
But those are blatant examples. Sure, if someone plays obscure bingo after obscure bingo, each played in no time flat, the evidence would appear pretty damning! But what about when the signs are not so obvious? In other words, cheating more subtly. Using the 2nd or 3rd best option provided by a word generator, if the 1st seems too esoteric; it's not rocket science. I would wager that many cheaters out there make an effort to not be flagrant about it. To me, differentiating a skilled player from a cheater is oftentimes very murky business. Unfortunately, apart from the glaringly obvious cases, there are just suspicions.
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How about this word....


If that's not cheating, I don't know what is.

The bottom line is there is no way to definetly prove somebody is cheating in this type of online game. We just have to deal with it and make a note of that user name and choose not to play with them in future games.
answered 7 years ago by anonymous
Sforzatos is also in the dictionary.

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