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Where can i get a mp3 of the sound made after a turn is made? I would like to use this as a text notification.

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asked 9 years ago in Game Features by anonymous

2 Answers

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Go to settings click on notifications and set it for WWF.
answered 8 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)
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To retrieve the sound made after a turn is made on a Mac:

  • Go to ~Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Mobile Applications and copy “Words 4.02.ipa” (the number will be smaller if your app isn't up to date, the ad supported version will contain "free" and the iPad version "HD" ) to your Desktop (make sure you copy and don’t just move them).
  • Right/Control click on “Words 4.02.ipa”and Open With Archive Utility.app, this will create a folder called Words 4.02.
  • Navigate inside “Words 4.02″ to the Payload folder and go to WordsWithFriendsPaid.app. Right/Control click on “WordsWithFriendsPaid.app” and Show Package Contents.
  • Look for the file “wordtwinkle2_1.caf”, copy it to your Desktop.
  • Now to make that an alert sound you'll need to have a jailbroken phone. Here are one set of instructions for changing that sound.
  • If you use Windows I assume that the procedure is similar. I assume that an UnZip utility will unarchive a .ipa file and that otherwise the procedure is the same.
answered 8 years ago by scooteristi Word Freak (7,150 points)
edited 8 years ago by scooteristi

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