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My opponent seems to have disappeared, but no 24 hour rule because we only have 6 hrs left to post

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Essentially the problem is that my opponent, who didn't play more than one move on day one, seems to have disappeared. We played both game one and two simultaneously on the second day of the 3 days, and within an hour. Then she disappeared. She made two moves in this third tie-breaker game and now it seems she's running down the clock. I've messaged her, I've chatted her several times since late last night, and she has not played OR responded. I don't know what to do, because I've been here all day waiting, attached to my phone. I'm east coast, so it's now very late to finish a game with 63 letters remaining, especially with someone who seems to not care.

I would normally wait 24 hours to claim this but as the round ends in 6 hours, and that would be a total of 12 hours, can I claim it for the purposes of this tourney?? HELP! I don't want to be eliminated because she doesn't want to play and is running down the clock!
asked 9 years ago in Monthly by Word Enthusiast (550 points)

1 Answer

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Please send us a screenshot of the third game as well as a screenshot of the time lapse since her last play. Click on "Send Feedback" below to send the screenshots.

Then go ahead and claim the "Win" by "Time Ran Out". You have done the right thing by notifying us.
answered 9 years ago by anonymous

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