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I play WWF on my iPhone; now I have an iPad. How do I transfer my ID to it? Thanks.

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Can I play the same game on both devices? In other words, will it keep track of moves on both. More important is just getting to play on my iPad with the same ID. I'm probably missing something very simple.

asked 9 years ago in Game Features by anonymous
It doesn't work.  I go under FB and it just tells me that user name is in use. Wwf was wiped out off my I pad and when I went to put it back to the same game I can't do it
I had the same problem but I deleted app on my iphone and reinstalled it. It told me I had an account already so I connected to Facebook and all my games are back.

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Yes you can play the same game on both devices. You just need to set the app up on both using the same username and email address.
answered 9 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,620 points)
Even though this seems like it should work, it does not. Your statement is false.
yea i tried that and it just said that the username and email are taken!
I play the same games on both my IPad and iPhone with the same username and it works fine. So the original statement is not false.
I have attempted to set up Words with my new iPad with, such as I have on my iPhone, and I can't get them to gel.  So the statement is false.
The original statement is not false. I too was able to use the same account that I originally set up on an android phone on my new iphone. I was also able to use it when I set up my iPad.
Then tell us how you did it because it is not working for us
I use WWF on ipad.  Got an iphone, and it took me forever to get it working on the phone, too.  Then, for some reason (updates? iCloud? I don't know!) I suddenly could not play my current games on WWF even though I logged into the same account.  It has something to do with Facebook and somehow another is hooked up to it.
Not working for me either, same issue.
Works for me too. I had to completely close the app on my iPad, but when I restarted it, everything synced beautifully. I see the same changes happening on both iPhone and iPad. I do have the paid version --not sure if that could make a difference?
Thsnk you for the advice of closing the app on my ipad.  I am now synced up on ipad and iphone.
You mean by closing out of WWF you deleted the program and reinstalled?
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Sometimes it works and sometimes not. It used to work for me until the most recent update, not only half of my active WWF games are on both devices and it's all screwed up.  I don't use Facebook and I have uninstalled, killed the app, everything to no avail.  Just don't count on it being consistent.
answered 7 years ago by anonymous
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If you just go to the Game Center on the device you want the game. Click games on the bottom, go to the game you want, and hit install and it should download everything that was with your game on the different device. It did for me atleast..
answered 6 years ago by anonymous

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