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Why I'm allocated of 2 opponents

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Why I have 2 opponents in my daily tourney
asked 8 years ago by jesjospatxy Word Magician (1,500 points)
Me too... one opponent according to e-mail notification... a different one according to the website.
Same here....I just went with what was on my tourney page.  Someone obviously messed up with the emails.
Me too - given 2 opponents for Daily Round 2.  Ostel.
happened to me too!

2 Answers

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Same happened to me. I went with the email and now it's a big mess.
answered 8 years ago by TeresiaC Word Rookie (410 points)
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same here...my email doest match with who this site has me listed as competing with
answered 8 years ago by gquarterly Word Rookie (160 points)

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