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How do I report a sociopathic player who abuses me with filthy language?

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This player "kiki the beast" sends nasty and obscene messages to try and intimidate me. Right now I'm winning but I don't care anymore because Kiki is such a sociopath. Kiki should be exposed somehow so other people don't waste their time, and he becomes isolated from other game players.
asked 7 years ago in Disputes by anonymous
I have had a similar situation - t.ross4 asked where I lived, accused me of cheating, and sent a pic of a penis and "f--- you" when I denied cheating. (of course, he didn't censor it like that.)
This user should be removed as well. Some of us are just trying to enjoy a word game, not hook up or looking to be verbally assaulted.
Contact Zynga help desk at http://newtoy.zendesk.com to report this player.

2 Answers

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We do not have that username registered on our site. I would suggest that you contact Zynga the owners of WWF so that they can remove this player.
answered 7 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (188,080 points)
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Had the experience with lickitysplit1023 - avoid this sick person at all cost!
answered 6 years ago by anonymous

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