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Is there a problem ..words with friends not working

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Not letting me get into my games..keeps on cutting back to main on ipad
asked 10 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous
Words with friends is not working?  Is this a temp. prob.?
My words is not working, but some of the people I play with are ok. hfkjordan27@gmail.com
Words with friends is not letting me get my games. It keeps cutting back to main menu on my iphone.
Words is NOT working on the iphone since update.
I hate this zynga program.  words with friends freezes or doesn't load and there is no explanation for it.  If you don't want anyone to play just take it off the website.
Very annoying and frustrating.
Same here...frustrating!
My phone,my wifes phone and my sisters phones words with friends stopped working at the same time. I'm thinking there server is having an issue. We had no problems till then.....?
Cannot update our games on iPad and phones
Not working on iPod or iphones
same problem. very frustrating!
It's not working on my Ipad either. I thought it was my device and noticed I'm not alone. this stuff is a mess
Cannot get my games on Words with friends
Can't get into my games on iphone, been like this for several hours now
I've had the same issue with  Words with Friends this evening as well as Chess with Friends. I did that stupid " delete , hard reset , download app , hard reset and login ". Again nothing works. Zynga is a very poorly ran greedy corporate entity.  It's MORE THAN POSSIBLE THAT BECAUSE OF THEIR OUTSOURCING ISSUES THAT THE ONLINE GROUP KNOWN AS ANONYMOUS HAS ATTACKED THEIR SERVERS.
It's not working on PC through FB either. Haven't been able to load the page since early evening. A popup box that is usually indicative of a virus comes up instead, trying to force you to click it to "retry"
Try it now.  It's back on
No it isn't.
I dont see it working yet either.  Just wont load.  Appears to be trying to refresh with no success.
Several dif problems. Sometimes just stops after word is spelled and wo,t go to next game. Sometimes says I passed when I didn't,t. Just to name few problems. Also  says words are invalid when they are correct!
I cannot see my list of games.  I have reloaded it several times and the problem gets solved temporariy.  May be a good thing because I got hooked and I will get some time back!
I'm having the same issues.
Screen goes black only on this game? What is goog on?
what do we do?  I love Words with Friends and miss it!
yesterday WWF was still working, today it's NOT! How come zynga????
This happens often. Will put in word and nothing have to go back to my page and then back again, maybe it will work!!
I play from my FB... The icon is turning and turning around, and my players will not apear!!!
search yahoo or google for "clear cache in ..." and enter the name of your operating system where ... is...

words wasn't working for several days for my wife and she was going bananas until i researched it and someone suggested clearing the cache...it worked immediately...my wife is happy...i'm happy...all is right with the world
me too....for a day now
I have not been able to get into word with friends for the past 3 days.  Anyone else having problems?  Any solutions?
It is a disaster! Any Dutch people here? I tried everything, but the weel of WWF is just turning around and around! Where is Zynga in this matter? Hello!!!
Mine will not load either on facebook.
having all same problems ..it works only if i stay on page after reinstalling it...2 days now..have done all the tricks ..nothing..help
I can access WWF on partner's facebook on my computer.  Just cant access it under my own facebook log-in.  No response from WWF re problems or solving the problem either.  Absolutely hopeless.  Increasingly frustrated.
Luckily WWF is working again since yesterday on my FB! But for how long? Let's enjoy while I can..... :-)
I cannot pass a word without hitting-  refresh button first-it then goes back to the next game and we start all over again.
only lets me do one game at a time..cannot go to the next game.
I am quite annoyed with playing words with friend. I have to refresh every time I play. Will not send words and sometimes the letters just disapear. Seems like something could be done to correct it. I am getting tired of playing like this
What does it mean when a game "is not in sync?"
Wheel on WWF 's is constantly going around.  How do I fix this?
why isn't facebook working?  Can't get signed on.
Word with friends is not working for me,  maybe once a week if even that I can get into it.  What can I do to make it work.  My friends I play with, theirs is working just fine.
Cannot play WWF at all anymore. Says updating and does not get updated. It's just stuck. I've gone all the way out many times and come back in to no avail. Help, help help!!!
I am having the same problem on my computer. It just sits there and spins. Then says it is having a problem connecting to Facebook. My friends don't have this problem. I have deleted and reinstalled. Same problem. Is there a setting that is wrong or a what.
My words with friends will not show a play button. It did it a couple of times when I 1st started now it has disappeared completely. I am on Samsung G4 is there a problem?
I have the same problem....wheel just keeps spinning.  Any fix????
Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, shutting app down, nothing works. I still get alerts coming through but the game still won't work. Tries to update and then crashes.has anyone found any fix?
I think they are trying to get more money and it makes me sick and apple makes me sick too
Wheel on words with friends keeps going around and will not load.  What should I do?
If you are logged in with Facebook, give up. Delete and log in with your email address and/or username.
I too can not load WWF and wonder WHY !!!  This is justbtoo frustrating..the little wheel  keeps on turning.  FIX IT !!!
words with friends hasn't worked for 4 days.
My game will not play,cannot make any moves
I am frustrated also I hate seeing the words 29 minutes for days and not able to get on the I pad. Or a portion of the screen comes up and you can't send.  Phone works but I pad doesn't two different servers.
2013 still doin the same thing...wont load freezes up...very frustrating!!!!!
will not take my good words
My words game freezes and screen turns black with spinning cylinder.  I am getting very annoyed with it.  I have tried turning it off completely and back on.  I may be able to play one game and it does the same thing again.  HELP
I have been having trouble sending a word.  The word validate comes up and disappears and does not send the word. I have to reboot all the time, or goe back to home on Facebook.   The 2nd game it does not send the word. I am getting very agitated.  Also when I click on Help, Challenge and Account nothing works. This game is a waste of my precious time.
Can't get into WWF's.  Cuts out after 2 or 3 words. What can I do?
My game won't load.  I delegated the old " free" game and bought the "$" game.  I just loaded it and it won't even load passed the title page, which has a dark rectangle in the middle about 2" x 3.5". I bought this new version because my old free version was alway freezing up after the comercial or blanking out after and not returning tomy game. I'mgetting frustrated.    So what's up? Is everyone experiencing this or is itjust me?
This game is very annoying. I have uninstalled and installed constantly. If not fixed soon I will no longer play it. There are to many other games to play instead of being aggravated with this nonsense!
Continuous updating for HOURS!  What is the matter here?  With all these complaints, why don't you do something!!!!!!
Words w friends will not come up, all I get is the little thing that spins and spins on a black screen
The same thing is happening to me. Just black screen and spinning around. I've deleted and reinstalled the app 5 times now. Still not working!!
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I haven't been able to words with friends in over a week. Other players are playing I think. What is the matter????
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I have the same problem. Sometimes it works and sometimes not..What is wrong??
I have the same problem..it keeps saying the word is not valid when it is...Frustrating!!!
my words with friends will not load no matter what I do what is going on?
Words with friends which I have played everyday for years will not load. It will load on my phone but not on my desk top. Please help soon
WWF is not working since last evening! It's not just a temporary problem, apparently! Should I switch to Scrabble? I'm in withdrawal!
OMG, I reloaded WWF and it's still not working. I'm having withdrawal, it's been 24 hours since I havnt played!!!!!
what does not in sync mean?? how do I fix it.
How do you "clear the cache?  My PC works fine except FB.!  It won't allow me to scroll up or down.  All other programs have no problems with scrolling.
Just keep getting a blank screen.  Won't load my game boards.  How do I get my games back?
Evidently this happens frequently - black screen - so why don't they correct it?
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my words with friends is all black
My wheel spins and tells me there is a problem which they are updaring. Then the screen disappears. Havent been able to play for a week, how do i fix it.?
Can't get on reverts back to beginning
Please correct the problem I'm having with WORDS,  been closed for hours gramaarnold
Stop using this terrible app that zynga fails to update or upgrade.  I use Word Chums a much better app.  I took the loss Zynga. I no longer use your chess with friends or words with friends apps as they are ancient , not updated and don't even give simple statistics.  Word Chums has your ass licked Zynga. Now Zynga can die the death it's deserved since sending jobs out of Americans
How do I get help to get this fixed
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2 Answers

0 votes
Try deleting the app and reloading it. Sometimes that corrects the bug. If not then contact Zynga's help desk, http://newtoy.zendesk.com
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)
would that delete all of your current games?
will only let me play and send one word.  when I want to play another game I have to go somewhere else and then back to words with friends.  very frustrating !
You can uninstall app all you want...Does NOT help!
I'm back. I re buted. Played for 4 words.Gone.
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I have had the very same issue. I even got a new pad. I uninstalled and reinstalled at least five times and I still am having the issue. So frustrating.
answered 8 years ago by anonymous
uno and friends is like shit. its not loading to next menu and i cant play next level in the tuarnement.not just me tomany friends has a same problem.if u cannot do any game dont do it.i lost so many coin because of this shit.

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