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Why are there so many people with the name zyngawf?

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Right now I am playing 3 people with the name zyngawf_(random number string here) that I found when selecting "random player". None of them ever finish a game or even make a first move and I am stuck waiting until they expire. Thanks.
asked 6 years ago by anonymous
i hv that problem too. who are they?
Yes, I wish that WWF could give us an answer for this. I have gotten to where I would immediately resign if given "one of them" as a random opponent because of the problem listed.
Same here! I've gotten 3 rqsts yesterday, 1 new one just now, & they NEVER respond. Had 3 games a month ago that FINALLY expired! Hate that. Is there a way to block them before waiting 3 wks?
it's a default nickname and that's why there's a random number string.  FYI I happen to be one and I ALWAYS respond and I ALWAYS play... right up to the bitter end even if I'm losing...
Sad to say, but I receive quite a few requests when I do a random player, but I always resign them immediately. If Zynga can offer a solution that works then I might try playing a Zyngawf once again.
I think that is their temporary name for a player...on mine, it changes to their real name.
Those are all high counting letters in Scrabble.
Zynga is the company and wf stands for word friends
The same thing is happening to me.  ZYNGAWF is currently having an active game with me.  It doesn't show up in notificatons.  Very strange !!
Zynga word friends
I had just started myself.  I asked for random.  I did not realise that I could not resign unless my turn.  Had already played.  How long until it times out.
Notice the zynga poker ad that appears on the free version after you make a move-must be set up by the developer of that app to direct ads to you
It's ridiculous ...I have so many of these it blocks new games and it spoils it for everyone
I played against someone with that name no problems they played till the end
It means zynga with Facebook and thy probably don't check their facebook often.that is my guess
Alot of players are on their mobile phones (at work) and cannot play continuously.  Also, if they are signing into FB as a guest, then they are given zyngafb as a default user ID.  I have played many games with the default and never had a problem.
Zynga White Female
Lots of people with all kinds of names drift away before the games are over? It's just a statistical reality that lots of people with randomly assigned names would not follow thru. (Zynga White Female...hysterical!)
Zangawf_17064209 is not very good at words an gets mad when you beat them. They accused me of using a dictionary on simple words. This person is a idiot and you should destroy them any chance you get.
I had one drop out completely. Just disappeared. No resignation. No win. Just gone. How?
This game is busted. Now JTruGraphx disappeared. That after the game reset to no moves yet. why hack WWF?
I played the same guy, not very good, but he hung in there untill the end of three games.
Hahahaha!  So these Zyngawfs aren't all members of one very fertile Russian family?
I have a current game w/ a friend and thier name changed to zyngawf overnight. strange. so it's not random, it's my friend in Florida.
I just bought my iPhone on Valentines Day and discovered WWF immediately! I have no friends with iphones that have the time to play, so I chose a random person.

Since then I have had games with 5 different zyngawfs...only I just noticed that the names were different about 5 miutes ago, when I didn't hit the rematch button on the last game...and he didn't request me again (as he usually does). So, I wanted to get all those numbers right, so I could find him again...and whoa...they weren't the same numbers!

Whomever I have been getting as a partner plays very well and responds often, (I only had to remind "them" once in the last 10 days) but he never replies to my chat comments.  I assumed he was not English speaking and uses WWF as a vocabulary learning tool. I know I run to the dictionary when I see a new word, and I'm native!

But even so, I've been beating him in every game (about 20 games so far), feeling guilty for it, apologized for it on the last game,  but he always came back for more.  I miss him!
I want my Zyngawf back!
Whoever THEY really are?
the zyngawf that I have encoutnered NEVER EVER finish a game.  One or two moves, and they just let the game sit there.  They do NOT resign.  It is very frustrating.
I wrote about this problem 6 months ago, and the same thing is happening.  They don't play.  What I don't understand is why there isn't a time limit on people that don't play, and one would hope that the WWF developers would find a way to bounce these people out after a certain amount of time.
Love playing zyngawf, somehow I am winning most of the time!!!
I want to know what my zynga username would be if I wanna post it to Facebook.?
I borrow an iPod to play WWF by the name of Bombay if any one would like to play!!  
I've tried asking random players what it says when my request goes thru to play but never a response, :( if someone can help out , please! Thank you so much...
I would like WWF to resign people who don't make a move after  five days like the site says it would.
They do resign people who don't make a move after five days.  This has happened to me several times on my iPHONE  version.  If you are using something other than a iPHONE, maybe your version doesn't support this yet.
Bombay, I requested a game with you, but have not heard from you.  I do not know if "Bombay" is your name or the name of the person who owns the iPad that you borrow.  If it is YOUR name, and not the name that is on the iPad, that game will never be playable.
they called me a cheater..lol
Does it go back to the friend you are actually playing?
As Words with friends is accessible outside of FB I believe the Zingawf players are doing just that and are unable to use their own nicks.
I've had 9 people today called zyngawf
My zyngawf is very cool. I have two games going with him/her. The moves are quick and wise. Zyngawf chats with me, too and comments on my good moves. I've learned a lot from my Zyngawf!
you guys can resign and it will go away on ur list
I'm playing somebody named zyngawf21 at wwf and was invited to a 2nd game, still rockin' on
So glad to find this posting stream on the zyngawf topic.  I would reiterate some of the problems posted herein.  Before seeing this, I was thinking two possibilities: first, that these users are hackers, trying to get into email accounts through the WWF software by playing shadow games with unsuspecting players.  Second, that they actually work for the WWF programmers to detect issues in the course of playing games, and abandon the play if they don't find anything interesting to report, or ...if they do!
I have had players called zynfawf and they play just as many games as the others do.
I get them too, but find them no more or less active than anyone I've played, including my friends!  I just finished 2 games with zinga dwarfs (my name) and it went play to play without break...one 1, lost 1!  I play on a MacBook Air...if I ever get to the point of playing games on my phone, I'm gonna toss it out the window!
I have someone with the name zyngawf on my words with friends game  What is going on Zynga?  This is the only one of your games that I haven't had to use alot of my own cash to play  What is your gimmick?
I'm a newbie and having my first game with a zynga, initiated by zinga. So far two moves each, but very slow. I assumed that we are in very different time zones. I hope I don't have to wait months if It stops playing.
Zyngawf is generic and has to do with your privacy settings on Word With Friends. If your privacy setting is not public, your handle is shown as Zyngawf_ with a series of numbers following.
I have the same problem I want them deleted. this is crazy that words with friends lets this happen. if they don"t cancel the games that zyngawf started I am going to stop playing altogether, and stick with scrabble only.
I have about 15 friends on my list.  I had one zyngawf.  Now today he took over everything.  He asked me what my last name was and the next thing I knew he took over all my friends.  He put his name on all of them.  Now I have a whole list of zyngawf.  He has no profile.  How do you get rid of him?
I play word with lots of zyngawf with strings of numbers.  I asked one of them what the significance of their name was and they told me it was their name.  So, I asked what country they live in and the person said Louisiana!  I'm confused too!
How the heck can he change my friends name to his?  He took over all my friends names and I don't know who I'm playing with.  I played about 5 games with him and he was playing really good.  So I would say to get rid of him before he does something.  This has happened on my iphone.  On my computer it never changed.  That's weird.  If it is Zynga doing this, thats one way to explain how he can get in and take over all the names.  Who else would be able to do that.  He has no profile at all.
I know that you can pass a game to someone else, but strange that they all went to a variety of zyngawfs at the same time.
same here.  I cannpt figure this out, very frustrating.
Some games list both players as zyngawf, and I can't tell the score!
How do you get it to display their real id?
I hate that zynga changed my friends to numbers instead of names.  I have a hard enough time thinking up words without having to remember the number of the friend with whom I am playing.
Does that mean that because I'm a fairly new player, my name is coming up as zyngawf to the friends I'm playing?
All my zyngawfs play to the end.  It's my lousy niece that just lets a game sit there and rot with one letter left to play. I'd rather play a zyngawf than my niece. Plus she cheats.
@ zynga white female-- HILARRRIOUS!
I have been playing zyngawf_38471034 and I noticed that some of the words were a bit odd, not like real words and I ignored it as I do not know every word in the dictionary and its just a game, until they played the word NS and I cant see how this can be word, how would you pronounce it.  I tried the word with a friend on words with friends and it did not accept it. zyngawf_3847103 was cheating and to make things even worse when I resigned they starting swearing at me.  I researched the web and they are using 'MessWithWords' to put words in that are not real words.  What a shame, its such a good game but these cheats are spoiling it.
it is not your words setting.  it is your facebook setting that shows u as a generic player
I have two zyngwaf players who are friends. One plays on a laptop. Not sure about the other. Their names changed from their real names about 6 weeks ago. They both have Facebook. My used name changed at the same time to the start of my e-mail address. They have no idea why their names changed.
start new game and refresh friends and all names will change.
I want to get rid of this thing.  It has changed all my friends names.  Does anyone know how tto stop it.
Not only have I been playing my A"ZYNGAWF" for quite a while, they usually plays back immediately, and always responds to chats.  Never resigns.
I am playing Words w/Friends with a Zyngawf player..It seems he/she always plays a 5 to 6 letter word every time even when the game is ending...How is that possible...think they are either buying letters or cheating somehow. Will not play he/her again, but with all that said,  I an still ahead by 5 points....
Me too, no problems whatsoever.
Whoever was going off about the "computer illiterate", I know it was a while back, but I just read your comment for the first time. You made me lose my lunch, you arrogant loser. You should leave your computer and get a life. Also, stop leaving comments that only make you look stupid. Yes....what you said made you sound like a total jackass. Have a nice day!
I also don't have this problem I am playing with five of them right now although I think they are playing so much is because my iPad gliches out and let's me remind people to play literally 2 seconds after I play
I asked my Zyngawf how he came up with a word, ad he came up with a funny answer..:)
I had assumed Zyngawf was a name given to prisoners. I almost messaged one and asked in which prison they were located. Glad I didn't. I found some of them to be remarkably literate, and was quite impressed. Then I upgraded and two of my friends appeared as Zyngawfs. For a second I wondered it they were in prison. But they are in their 80's so probably not.
I havea stalking zyngawf!  Pings me for new games even though I have turned them down 50+ times.  Zinga should permit players to block players from their board.
That person is NOT stalking. First off, it may not even be the same Zynga...and second, if you happen to be the only one online when he/she requests a search for a random player, you are gonna get pinged for a game and there's nothing Zynga or you can do it about ....except just go offline.   :)

And no, these are not prison people... no clue why that would pop into ANYONE's head at all.  unless it actually means "prison" in some other language.
Nice try. Same zyngawf, same digits following name. Hardly random.  Some folks have to get a life.
find out if his phone was stolen around the same time as the name change.
Thats because he resigned the match. You will see a small white flag at the bottom of the screen when its your turn. Press it, the game ends immediately without any rounds
Maybe he deleted the game.
I have 4 or 5 people with that Zyngawf name. But they use all different length words... (Hi, too, bye ) just as an example. I also have 2 other people with different names...so I dont understand the Zyngawf name and number thing. I also dont get how this game uses words that arent real!
How do me and two of my friends get rid of our zyngawf numbers  and get our real names back?
I have 4 of them and they are all great players who finish games. I have even chatted with one of them from Oregon.
I have had a similar experience with a zyngawf. The player said she was Philipino but her english was really good.On. chat I asked about it and she said she learnt at school. Now I have a friend (real person not on game) who has relatives there and he says they do not get taught English normally. Also this zyngawf came out with really outrageous words too.
I am playing and now it shows zyngawf as MY name.....why did wwf change MY name to this name?????
did random got zyngawf_57354299 declined instantly and then somehow appears on my list. of course no moves. now i just have to wait 11-12 days of seeing this meaning less spot taken.
I was curious about the name(s) too. Google search showed this,  "It's the first part of a default username created when someone starts playing games by the company Zynga - words with friends, scramble with friends, etc. zyngawf=Zynga-With-Friends." ---
which made sense in format and why so many quit. They're just trying it out. Anyone who stays usually creates their own name.
Why does rescue dog ends up with so many points he started a game with me and then he resinged he had over 100,000 points

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I am guessing that those are people who are playing on Facebook, but not a mobile device and have thus not created a Zynga screen name. That would also explain their slow response rate.
answered 6 years ago by scooteristi Word Freak (7,150 points)
Perhaps. Possibly a robot game? Whatever.. They do not play. Each time I get one I resign before the first play.
so far i have had 5 different people playing word with me zyngawf etc and all have been brill, they are all from different parts of the world and it is really interesting to chat to them as well, i do ask them where they are from and i have always got an answer
The person who wrote the first answer in this thread is correct. I originally signed up on Facebook, and thus didn't need a user id, it just took my name. Later, I downloaded the Android app to my Droid X, and when I use that to make a move in a game I started on Facebook, it uses my zyngawf.##### user id instead of my name from Facebook. Thus, just because a person has a zyngawf user id doesn't automatically mean that person will be a bad player.
I, also have been curious about the Zyngawf name--I play them all the time & never ever have a problem.  I thought you guys were bots, tho--& Mona has a phobia about bots lol.  Thank you for answering the question.  Hope it settles things for people who play.
Most fun I ever had on game was the night hackers took over.  That was a wild ride.  (Still think you guys are scary bots).
it is randomly generated. Zyngawf....stands for Zynga with friends
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zynga being the comapny who makes wf. zyngawf is a default nickname the game gives to people who don't choose to enter a nickname... at least thats what I presume. the random numbers seperate person from person
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
Funny that none of them ever make a move.
yeah no kidding. im having the same problem...
I do ...
I played 2 of them a couple of weeks ago and they both played back consistently and weren't too bad. Just had a notification from one as I typed this...
Most of the time it's probably just some computer illiterate who doesn't know how to play the game. If I get one of these players I immediately send them the message, "I don't play with zyngawfs, change your SN," then instantly resign the game.  Usually they don't respond (being computer illiterate, they don't know how to use the "chat" feature), but when they occasionally do, they ask, "HOW?" to which I respond (to put it politely:) "SETTINGS. It's under the gosh-darn cog symbol, you silly goose." If they're smart enough to pick a SN and start a new game with me, then I accept. Otherwise, if they can't figure such a basic thing out then they never turn out to be challenging opponents anyway. All zyngawfs must be destroyed!
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It's because they're new players that haven't changed their name yet. Zyngawf is the default name. Typically newer players won't be as good at playing consistently because they don't really care or think much about the game. Explanation: Zynga is the company that made the game, wf stands for "with friends".
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
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you have to accept them in order to play, so why are they showing up randomly
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
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For me, the "zyngawf" player name (with a number afterwards) popped up mid-game, replacing my friend's name bt on the same board. I am guessing system glitch? This is the first time I have had this peculiarity.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
That happened to me. The game updated and my sister's name changed to zyngawf on my end but not hers. Her game still shows her real name.
The same thing happened to me. Some names changed to zyngawf with random numbers and some names changed to new names but my opponents say their original name shows on their screen. It actually changed my name too and I changed it back under "settings" . It's frustrating to have to ask people who they are - they think I'm crazy because they still see their name on their screen.
This also happened to me, in the middle of a dozen games that I have going with friends.  I've had to keep a list of the numbers to match them up with who they really are.  I cannot figure out if there is any way to reset things to show their names again, but would love to know -- or have this addressed by Zynga.
I too have had friends I am playing a game with turn into a 'zyngawf with numbers' instead of their screen name!!  This is REALLY annoying as I never know who I am playing with anymore.  When I get a notification that my opponent has played, their name shows in the notification, but when I go to my active games (usually 10 or more at one time) there are only 'zyngawf numbers' identifying my opponents.  I am playing on the iPhone4s OS5.1  Words With Friends paid version.
you can just click on ur friend's when it pops up it just shows the game that the persoon invited you to
I pulled up WWF only to find that I no longer was th eplayer but rather "zyngawf" was in the place of my name and my friends names had changed as well.  Deleted WWF and encrypted my new smart phone.  Don't know if this is an individual or something to do with Zynga.  Any answers?
I had one pop in and we played awhile and then he asked my last name which is right on there.  'So I told him my last  name and he left.  Next thing I know I went to play and every one of my friends names had been changed to zyngawf  I resigned to get rid of him.  Now when I see one I just get rid of it.
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I think they are bots. The one I played was freakishly good, 430 points, 7 letter words, all triple score spaces used.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
They could be genius people or adults
I've played several zyngawf's, and haven't had a no-show yet... And, I just scored a 411, I'm not a bot, and had no seven-letter words..
That sounds like me!  I score consistently in the 350-450 range, with sometimes several 7 letter words (often more than I can find spaces to put them) and I interweave multiple words, too.   Would love to find another high scoring player, just to knock me off my own ego trip of currently being undefeated. Please stomp on me! Please! ID:  Sunny_Sunset  (send me a chat message telling me you found me here)
Sounds like me too!  I'm not bragging-I'm just really good at strategy that nets words with high scores.  I've also learnedly lots from players that are better than me. And it helps to have a better than average vocabulary and to understand the origins and strucutre of words--even if I don't know a word I can often figure one out.
Sunny_Sunset: Lets play wwf. Your description of your game style sounds very much like mine, and I think it would worthwhile to try a game.
Also with these folks all words are accepted ie caciare gyri and these folks will be 200 to 300 pts. Ahead of you in no time.  Suspect they are employees o or have som access to zyngawf .understand zyngawf is a public ally traded company on NYSE.  Cranmer on mans recommends not buying.
Everytime I request a random player "ZYNGAWF" shows up & they never finish the game very odd??????
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I am listed as zyngawf  on some of my friends list and i ask them who they are and they are friends i play with that used to say thier name but now says zyngawf
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
I am not on Facebook and still experience the same issues.
I had the same problem and couldn't find any answers online or at zynga. However, I stumbled upon the solution. Simply click on the green "Start a Game" tab in the upper left corner. When the "Click on a friend to begin a game" tab comes up, click on the link to "refresh friend list" in the upper left corner of that tab. All my "real" friend names came back instantly.
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Who are they you ask?  They are someone you deleted off your friend's list.  It could have been someone who you were playing or someone who clicked to play you just as you were deleting them.  Zynga no longer has this person on file as your friend so the request is generated from their unemtied servers...basically it's a ghost.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
This is not correct in my situation.
Totally incorrect information.
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It either means zynga with friends or zynga with Facebook and they prob don't check their facebook Often if it is with facebook
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
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Zynga Word Friends, I think.  I have been playing with two different zyngawf players all week.  Both have been skilled and responded in reasonable amounts of time.  I have played several matches with each.  It's been fun.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
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SAME HERE!!! I've always wondered who that is.. Is that a REAL person at all?
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
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I had 3 pop up in a row. All started talking right away. One said....good move....and I had just swapped tiles! Haha. They are bots or phishers. I resign immediately.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
Not bots or phishers...they are new players not registered with zynga yet...dont be so paranoid!
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The better question in all this is, why the #%@&! has Words with Friends STILL not made it possible for you to resign a game even when it's NOT your turn!!?? People have been asking for this feature since this game was first introduced. This thread wouldn't even exist if they didn't frustrate people so much with the lack of that feature.

And to more directly respond, I think these are people playing as guests. I'd say only 1 in every 10 that I get with the zyngawf... name actually play. I've just started resigning these players immediately.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
If you don't know the answer SHUT THE FUCK --babbling morons.
Do you pay for the game? If not, STFU.
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I have a game going with a zingawf who messaged me" veni vedi veci." does anyone know what that means?
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
It means "I came, I saw, I conquered."
I cam I saw I conquered
Zynga must have set up default names. The player with the "zynga" name needs to go to settings within Words with Friends and update their name. Easy to change and only takes a few seconds.
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Zynga must have set up default names. The player with the "zynga" name needs to go to settings within Words with Friends and update their name. Easy to change and only takes a few seconds.
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
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All of a sudden all my friends names showed up with zyngae340923409 and I couldn't figure out who was who... then I realized that I wasn't signed into facebook and once I did, all their names showed up again.
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
Tell your Zynga named/numbered friends to check their settings for the game. It is up to THEM to put their names in their settings so that people know who they are playing.   I have made sure that my settings say sunny_sunset, so if you want a challenge, look me up.  I don't win all the time, but some folks do find me hard to beat.  I average about 450 per game, but I would love to get beat by some good players.   (BTW, I do NOT play to win... I only play to get the highest score I can...winning/losing is irrelevant to me)
So from all of this, I'm understanding that my name may be showing up to others as zingawf... and I'm not aware? And the zingawf...s I'm playing against don't realize that's how they show up to me? Color me dense!
Correct answer.  Fixed
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zyngawf_[and number] is just a computer program to make this game look more busy ;)

even if they answer you, it might be programmed. They are programmed on various skill levels - something like when you playing chess on phone or computer versus computer program

but the game is nice anyway

answered 5 years ago by anonymous
They are not all computer generated. My friend and I have been playing for months and we are on each others friends lists and now all of a sudden we have these names and can't even find each other on FB. Very strange!! Trying to find a way to fix it now.
I just noticed that my name on all the games I am currently playing has changed to Zyngawf#####.  I checked my Facebook account and it has my correct user name.  Turns out that I was not logged into my facebook account while playing these games.  As soon as I logged in, my user name changed from Zyngawf### to my actual name.
YES.  Correct answer. Fixe the problem
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Me: If you odn't mind me asking, why is your name zyngawf?

zyngawf_(numbers): lol..that's the zynga username..I don't know why they are not showing my Facebook name..my name is Rohan
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
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Zyngawfs are actually aliens from outer space. They are learning our ways. When they first start they don't play very well, but they hook up somehow to the brain frequency their opponent emits amd soon the opponent has their skill drained off and then the zyngawfs grow smarter and start making conversation, it is not advisable to question them about their names. They really dont understand the personalization of names and they get angry if it is pointed out there are being selected for observation. Try to jeep your mind clear while they are hooked up with you. This will not be easy to do. With practice you can build a mind barrier to protect yourself. If possible, do not engage them in conversation. I hope this help
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
WWF translates the usernames through a facebook link that is broken each time you change your FB login / password. From WWF, connect to FB with your new credentials and it should fix the problem.
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I would like to see the name of the person I an playing on Words with

Friends instead of everyone being called Zyngawf on my ipad.  How do I correct this problem?  It's fine on my laptop but not my ipad.
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
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I think it depends on how you're logged in. If you're logged in through Facebook it shows your first name & the initial of your last name. When you're playing one of your fb friends that's how their name appears too. When you choose a random opponent it shows their name as zyngawf1234 (or some other sequence of numbers) to protect their real name since you aren't friends with them. It's just a privacy/security thing
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
Most zyngawf's are illiterate.
I was recently labeled a zyngawf, and can't get back to my original games with my FB friends on my phone only...but can on my computer...I've tried logging out and logging back in with my original passwords and such but to no avail...and PS: I AM NOT ILLITERATE!!!!!!!!!
I no I'm plain running with friends and I have 10 people named zyngawf with a string of numbers after and I'm so sick of them inviting me and never playing WHAT'S UP WITH THE STUPID NAME ZYNGAWF ANY WAY it's such a stupid name! ( sorry to any people who read this and their name is zyngawf but honestly it's true!!!!!!! )  GRRRRR SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!
That's not true at all just because they have a stupid name ( sorry "zyngawf" ) does not mean their illiterate my names magic bunny are you going to tell me I'm illiterate because I have a silly name stop judging people you brat!!!!!!
I have few with the name Zyngawf followed by numbers.  They play good games.  I also have some Zyngawf playing What the Phrase with me. No problems.. Just enjoy the games.
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zynga and words with friends = zynga + wf  = zyngawf (random people)
answered 4 years ago by anonymous
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You all are friggin retards of the most monumental magnitude. Break down the username: Zynga (that's the name of the company that issued the game); wf (word friend). It's a default username given to someone who has not created a more personalized one.

Sadly you all are a mere representation of the vast number of people in this country who lack the simple abiity to think critically in an effort to solve problems. It's really a shame.
answered 4 years ago by anonymous
Oooo, hark at you!
lol....its  too  bad you respond two years later... and after someone explained it in an adult manner.  turn about is fair play  hunny.
I apologize...it  was one year.  people ask questions to get an answer.  maybe they were thinking on a different level.  don't make people feel bad for trying to learn.  people in this country need to ask more questions.  that's the key to solving problems... the sharing  of info.  instead of belittling, maybe you should teach.  guide people. that makes our country stronger.  belittling makes us weaker. so.... in theory.... you just made someone feel bad for trying to learn thus making our country a bit weaker.
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I was having same issue and I am glad to announce the fix was easy. I deleted the app and re downloaded it and the names came back. :)
answered 4 years ago by anonymous
I always resign from the zyngawf's immediately.  But there are much more rude people out there ---- someone just last week, calls me an A.H. because I asked he/she if they still wanted to play, after 6 days of waiting.  Really, I'm the asshole? I had asked very nicely, but my comment back was not.

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