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Please do not match me with Michelechell ever again. She cheats on every single play! Totally unfair & disappointing!

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asked 8 years ago in Disputes by L_R_B Word Rookie (170 points)
i played her as well and her word usage is very suspect. knows every obscure word in the book. I wouldnt be surprised at all that this user is cheating

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We have made note of your comment. The system automatically assigns opponents so we have no control over it.
answered 8 years ago by Debbyoc Word Freak (189,360 points)
This player should be kicked off because he is a  obnoxious, and uses profanity when he loses. I have screen shots from our last game in which he made the word nictated and bragged about his bingo and after when I made the word sheeter and took the lead he called me the B-word and accused me of cheating. In our first game he made words like goanna and anergias and I didn't accuse him of cheating because I cannot and will not make assumptions about someones vocabulary and what words they may or may not know but when I came out with the word mensch on a triple word spot which caused me to take the lead he called me a cheat. This word is not  uncommon and guaranteed the average adult knows the meaning but because his vocabulary is limited to only words not found in the dictionary he accuses me of cheating and is posting public comments on here, this is totally unfair.
It is obvious to myself & others that this player is cheating. I've had chats with other opponents who agree. She accuses me of cheating when I used the word goanna, which is a commonly known lizard. Totally absurd. Her comments are unjust, and she is the one who needs to take a look at herself! If using a "smiley" face on getting a bingo is bragging, then get over it lady!
I could not believe that after specifically requesting not to play Michelechell that the very next (and important) match in the monthly, who am paired with but her! As usual she lived up to expectations playing uncommon words (potentially cheating) to seal her position into Round 7. I suggested she change her screen name to "Michelecheat" but she hasn't so far. Let's hope the computer gives me a wide birth from her now... Altogether would be even better!
I can't believe these losers who are accusing Michelechell of cheating!! It's sad that these pathetic players are resorting to slander because they were unable to beat a great player even though THEY resorted to cheating! I happen to know Michele personally and know that she would never use outside means to win a game, we both think it's so sad when people ruin the game by using cheating programs. I have watched her play and have played her (she actually taught me how to play) and it's obvious she doesn't cheat. Anyone who can actually play can tell that she does not cheat! If you have to cheat to play a word game you are playing the wrong game! I wish the administrators could figure out a way to eliminate the increasingly frequent cheating that goes on in this game and it's so upsetting that players who are actually good like Michelechell are accused of cheating while blatant cheaters like L_R_B get away with it!
IMO it is absolute bush league to publicly call out a player for "potential" cheating. this goes for either side. you may have your suspicions, but unless you can prove it - which you can't - it is NOT ok to run around dragging someone's name through the mud. what is this, guilty until proven innocent? for all you know you are dealing with a professor or wordsmith or even just a bright person who has been an avid word game player for years. yes, many dirtbags cheat, and i have been highly skeptical of numerous opponents, but even in the most seemingly obvious of cases i would never call out someone's name in a public forum.

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