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Game out of Sync

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Been 4 days since able to play this person. They see it as my turn, I see it as thier turn. I am receiving "Game out of sync" when I click on thier name to see thier chat responses. What do we do? neither can resign. Playing on facebook
asked 6 years ago in Game Issues by geanemcd Word Rookie (140 points)

6 Answers

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I had the same problem, so I started a new game with the same person.  I haven't had the problem since then, yet.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
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It happened to me on FB words with friends and I held the ctrl + Alt and kept clicking ok at the same time.. then it finally let me play the game... hope this helps
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
I tried this and nothing happened....but I have 2 other games going with the same person.
I started this game May 2,2013
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right click on persons game that don't work,click on elements

when script comes up,delete the highlighted line .

go up in the script to the persons name and delete it.

should work now.
answered 5 years ago by anonymous
This worked great for my laptop, but on my desktop, I am totally unable to get the same drop down list, therefore I am unable to actually go to the elements to delete.  I have tried and tried, and I still get the same drop down list on the desktop, not the drop down list that is supposed to come up.
The above suggestion did not work for me.
I right-clicked on the "out of sync" game and hit retry.  came back up immediately.
This is what worked for me on my laptop:
1. RT click on opponent's name
2. click on "inspect elements"
3. Select highlighted line and delete
4. Repeat step 3 until the game disappears
Note: I had to repeat about 3 times.
Yes, I had an annoying "out of sync" experience and this worked fine for me...
1. Right click on "out of sync" game
2. click on "inspect elements"
3. click on drop down arrow
4. the click on Delete node
*  Keep repeating these points till that game has disappeared.
This has worked on my desktop
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For anybody that has this problem in the future: According to Zynga if there is no activity on a game it will auto-resign after 6 days for "ramdom" games and 11 days for "chosen" games.
answered 4 years ago by anonymous
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Try deleting the app and reloading it. Sometimes that fixes the problem.
answered 6 years ago by anonymous
cant delete it. i am playing on facebook
I deleted the app on FB and reloaded to no avail.  I've submitted a helpdesk request.  Anybody find a solution on this yet?
i guess i broke it i play it all the time love it a new tab work's sometime's
i have the same issue but only with one person.  tried deleting the app, reloading, refreshing the page.  no luck :(
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Simply refresh/reloading the page usually does the trick.
answered 6 years ago by scooteristi Word Freak (7,150 points)
After 5 days there has been a load of refresh/reload. still not working
1. Try using a different browser. That will enable you to quickly determine whether the problem is with your account or your browser.
2. If it works in the new browser then you need to clear the cache or Facebook cookies from your primary browser.
3. If it doesn't work in the new browser then change your permissions and/or remove then reinstall the app: http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications
4. If nothing works then contact the developer's help desk: http://newtoy.zendesk.com/anonymous_requests/new
I have tried all that you have suggested before finding this forum. I have even suggested to the other player the same. We have tried all we could think of. We are now just waiting out the period of the 5 days in hopes the system will force resign one of us and we can try a new game
You obviously haven't tried #4 if you came here.
Ok Scooteristi, it honestly appears to me that you enjoy to have the last word. PLEASE do not keep adding a reply if you do not know exactly what is going on. I respect the fact that people come here to ask questions that they need "HELP" with. I do not answer questions if I do not know what I am talking about. I browsed other questions and happen to see some of your answers and do not see to me as someone who takes all of the process seriously. So again I ask you to please do not reply to my question without a serious and helpful response. When i asked something my question is honest and so are my answers. YOU have no right to question that!!!!!!
I can question anything I want, because it is quite obvious that you had not contacted the developer for help, otherwise you would have said so before saying you tried "all" before coming to "this forum" which is just run by fans of the game.
scooteristi, as an IT Consultant I can say that contacting the Developer's HelpDesk is a last resort for many reasons, the first, you are contacting a limited number of people who work on a development scope (intermediate between teams) and very rarely get an answer let alone a resolution, posting within forums gives you access to potential millions. 2) In all probablility if one person has experienced a software issue, multiple people have, forums are the best place to source those people The one issue I do see in forums however is people with limited to zero knowledge on a subject (such as yourself) that pick at technical grammaticals in someones post to somehow boost their own personal sense of believing they know something which they do not.
Thank you very much!
Anybody find a solution yet?  I tried all of the above and I've contacted the developer's help desk.  I guess if all else fails maybe the game will drop off after 11 days.
I have had the same problem, keep refeshing, closing out the game, rebooting. All of those activities help at some time or another and the problem seems to solve itself. I am using facebook as the foundation because on its own it is jerky, slow, and tediously difficult. Even with Facebook it is slow. So, I use Google Chrome, go to Facebook from there, go to my home page and clisk on the game. Now it is as fast as it was on the android. I can close out of Facebook and come back using chrome and the out of synce problem disappears for the most part without waiting for the game to drop off into the world of idle-time oblivion.
^5 on that. Solutions is what ppl want. Well said, anonymous
The Zynga help desk for its apps uses a software that only gives you an immediate canned answer. The software is called Zendesk. (See  Support Software by Zendesk at http://www.zendesk.com/help-desk-software). You never reach a live person so your issue beyond the basics will NEVER be addressed and your submission will be closed immediately. This is horrible customer service and using Zendesk is not fooling anyone but is ticking good customers off to the point of leaving the games. When Zynga does a financial analysis of how much its customer service approach is causing a drop in their revenue stream maybe then things will change. Don't hold your breath.

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