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I just logged into FB acct within the app and my name shows as 'null null'. Why and how can I fix it?

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When the game board is open it shows my name as null null when I create a game with a FaceBook friend.  If I create a game directly to a User Name or Random, it shows my name just fine. Is there a field within Facebook that Words with Friends uses to display my name?
asked 10 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous
Me too!  I don't like to think of myself as null null
SAME and its pissing me off! someone please help!
Also, I just verified that to others it shows my name just fine. So only to me does it show null null for my name.
Same problem!  It is driving me crazy trying to figure out how to get my name back!
sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee here. stupid.
same! i want to fix it! already tried to re-save my username in the account settings and it did nothing.

4 Answers

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I have this exact same problem.  Let me know what you find out.
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
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Are you playing on a computer, iOS, or Android? If a mobile device, are you using the latest version (4.0.6)?
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (7,150 points)
Latest on Android is 4.0.1. And no it doesn't work that is I still show username "null null"
Latest Android OS. Sprint EVO phone.
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I recently updated the software (yesterday) and they seemed to have fixed it!  Yeah!
answered 10 years ago by anonymous
Me too, have an android and software update worked, thanks
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Here's what fixed it for me:

Go into words account settings and click logout of facebook.  Null Null will go away.  Whenever I am logged into facebook through words with friends null null comes back.
answered 10 years ago by anonymous

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