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Once again, I have 20 games and no one is playing... Why can't I resign when I want to?

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asked 7 years ago in Game Issues by anonymous
Copying comment below:  You may want to contact the Zynga help desk with your thoughts.  This site is not affiliated w Zynga.  This is a site for tournaments and didn't create the game, nor does it administer it nor any changes to it.
commented 1 year ago by anonymous

Best way to contact Zynga is through your app!

Tap menu, help, support...

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The rules for resigning are explained in detail here

answered 7 years ago by admin Word Freak (50,570 points)
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I understand the "rules" on how to resign. I guess I mean the rules should be amended so players can resign at any time. I get stuck with non-playing players all the time. I also had a player get pervy on me and it took 4 days of reading his inappropriate comments before he finally got bored and played and I could resign.
answered 7 years ago by anonymous
That was a problem I was running into when using the random opponent option for generating players in the game.  I quit using it now and just play with friends, reliable opponents found earlier through the random opponent option on the wwfstats.com site, people on this site or people from the facebook site page for words with friends.  (Thanks to a very kind player on this site for cluing me on the Facebook page, apologies for not remembering their name at the moment.)  Though I haven't been using the Facebook page much since the Droid app came out, hopefully that hasn't changed things.  

BTW, I usually respond to people on the Facebook page that have put in something specific about the ave. score of player they are looking for like 350+ ave., or 300-400 ave.  And if you request games, I suggest doing the same for whatever the type of player you're looking for and note something about your time frame for playing, like prefer to finish in a day or so - again, whatever fits for you.

If you do put out a request and get more games than you can realistically play, either start declining or ask if they're ok with slower play or playing later.  I find that polite honest communication is what works best.
It sucks...and that is why I deleted the game...if I can't resign when I want, I don't want to play....big waste of time cluttering up my games with people who join and then NEVER play!
I just found how how sucky the rule is the hard way!  Dang it!
More than 50% of the times I use the random opponent option, the person doesn't play. I don't see the problem with allowing us to resign out of our turn for situations like this and keeping the automatic resign time the same.
You may want to contact the Zynga help desk with your thoughts.  This site is not affiliated w Zynga.  This is a site for tournaments and didn't create the game, nor does it administer it nor any changes to it.
please tell me how to resign words with friends.  I'm running into people who don't play and I too can't resign.  Or can you clear the slate and start again with reliable folks
Just keep sending them messages constantly so they get so annoyed you can resign.  Here are the players I have had to wait for days for them to play:
User ID:
Deano Lee, zyngawf_32624772, Vicnatabc, LB POWER, Xtinsingtonfieldvie, ambo129, Abbey brandon all,

A warning for everyone not to play with these people.
lololol.....there are millions playing this game, your list does absolutely no good,,,lol you are clueless.   Have a good day
well i am sick of any zyngawfs who leave you hanging for days and days. this is a stupid set up for a game.  you should be resigned from the game if you don't play for 2 days for crying outloud . Idiotic.
I too am sick of people who you recommed to play with and I starrt a game, and they never play!!!!! I cannot resign, and I have three games with my daughter that just stopped, for no known reason - but she canot resign and neither can I - so what are we suppose to do - declining does not work - so we are just stuck? Can some one repair this site so w can get off of games like this?????????????
I too am stuck with 5 games with people not making moves. Makes me want to UNINSTALL
I guess some people have lives beyond their electronic devices.  Sorry I chose to take my sons to the park instead of playing a word.
How do you get the people to resign when they don't play?  It only allows 18 players and it holds you up.
Omg. What a stupid comment.  We're talking about people who are rude and do not come back to play EVER and you have to wait until wwf  decides to resign the game.. Not an outing to the park.. Gees.. Idiot :-\

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