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What to do when you start a game vs your designated opponent but the opponent starts a game 15 minutes later?

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I received my opponent's user name and immediately began a game.  The user name is 3 lowercase initials.  I get no response to my game, but 19 minutes later, I get a new game request from a player with the same 3 initial user name, except they are capitalized.  I also get an e-mail from the opponent saying that he/she will start the game because "people have a hard time finding me for the first game" because "my login is the same as someone else's".  Not sure what to make of that.  Seems disingenuous to me. Any thoughts?  Is it possible that there are 2 users with the same login?  For the record, the user name I was provided by the site had 3 lowercase initials.
asked 10 years ago in Monthly by anonymous

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The question has been filed in Monthly in which case you need to play at least two games.  Therefore I would recommend playing both games after having verified that the game you initiated was correctly received by your opponent.
Regarding the issue of screen names the game should prevent duplicates.  I can't comment further without knowing the specifics of the case.  Could you please click "Send Feedback" at the bottom left of the screen and send further details in private.
answered 10 years ago by Word Freak (50,570 points)

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